Mac to the Future

The Microsoft War

Kel Taylor - 2000.05.03

Microsoft, which started out as a small computer software company in the late twentieth century, now has established a monopoly on all software for all electronic devices. The World Congressional Assembly, or WCA, has operated under Microsoft's demands for quite some time, but never before had Microsoft asked this much. Bill Gates IV, CEO of Microsoft, will now attempt to extend Microsoft's control to its ultimate: world domination.

"Finally!" Bill Gates IV declared to himself, "the world will be mine!"

Microsoft, the world's largest and most powerful company, had just issued a statement to the World Congressional Assembly (WCA) demanding they hand over all government operations to the Microsoft Board of Directors and its numerous committees. The WCA would have to comply. After all, Microsoft holds as much power as the WCA - and maybe more. Having monopoly power in software for every appliance and product, from automobiles to refrigerators to airliners and spacecraft, Microsoft could control or demand anything they desired. The world ran on Microsoft. This move would only solidify their stance, making them the ultimate power, having not with control over people's possessions, but over their lives.

Gates stood before his Board of Directors, numbering about a hundred twenty men and women seated in an elaborate auditorium.

"I bring to you good news today. We've done it. The foundation my great-grandfather built over a hundred years ago has yielded ultimate success. Today, at 01.24 M.T., I issued a statement to the World Congressional Assembly demanding that all governmental operations be given over to Microsoft, Inc., which includes the United Police Force, the World Peace Keepers, and the Spatial Nuclear Arsenal, along with all powers currently held by the WCA and its Committees.

"After the WCA positively responds, we will have the power to make laws, to break laws, to tax, to ban, to rule people's very lives. This triumph is only possible because of Bill Gates Senior's genius and intellect. Without our monopoly power over early personal computer operating systems, our world domination today would not be a reality. It was that first monopoly which let us expand into hand held electronic devices. Then, as computers began migrating into almost every home and business appliance, we used the same monopoly power to make Microsoft the best choice to run on everything - and the only choice. The old United States government tried to stop us, but their justice system was too slow to keep us from expanding. Now we have the ultimate control." He paused in reflection.

"The World is Microsoft!"

The crowd applauded and cheered.

"I will address the World at 04.13 today from the new World Capital: Microsoft Headquarters in Seattle, Washington. This is the beginning of a new era for humanity. Thank you for being part of Microsoft."

The crowd let out a thunderous applause and rose to its feet. They began screaming and hooting, hugging and shaking hands with those around them, congratulating themselves. Gates made a quick exit, surrounded by his invincible bodyguards, to his main office. Gates resembled the portrait of his grandfather. He was broader, and of course neeeded no glasses. He had shorter hair, changed with fashion trends, but his face was very much like Bill Gates Senior's.

A wall sized portrait covered the space behind Gates' desk. His office ceiling rose at least fifty feet, and his desk sat about thirty yards from the front office door. This ninety foot walkway to his desk showcased holographic images and videos of the broad achievements of Microsoft, as well as Bill Gates Senior, Junior, III, and himself. Gates entered from the back door, right behind his desk.

He dropped into his levitating chair, and his desk greeted him with the day's top headlines. Computer screens went obsolete about fifty years earlier in favor of holographic displays, which display images and video in mid-air without a screen by stimulating air molecules to emit photons, or particles of light. As he read, his holographic Office Assistant appeared in front of his desk. He had his Office Assistant preference set to "sexy woman."

"Mr. Gates, you have an incoming call from WCA Chancellor L.C. Harvey. Do you wish to answer?" the holographic woman said.

"Yes, of course," Gates replied. The Office Assistant vanished, replaced by a desk similar to Gates' with Chancellor Harvey sitting. "Hello, Chancellor Harvey. I assume you're ready to respond to my statement and officially hand over all government operations to Microsoft."

"Not hardly, Mr. Gates," Harvey said with a stern look on his face. "The WCA has declared you a terrorist."

"WHAT!?" Gates yelled, standing.

"A United Police Force secure squad is on its way to apprehend you. I expect full compliance. If not, we will have to use more drastic measures," Harvey made clear.

"You can't do this," Gates said.

"Until further notice, all Microsoft operations are to cease. That includes production, distribution, and servicing of all Microsoft products. Customer service and maintenance will be handled by WCA Committees setup for just such circumstances."

"Are you aware that Microsoft has the power and the right to pull its software from all government devices?" Gates explained.

"Until further notice, Microsoft has no powers or rights. All your products are declared public domain until we rule otherwise," Harvey stated.

"You think you can take away Microsoft's power?" Gates smiled an evil grin. "Computer, Code Red. Microsoft's contract with the World Congressional Assembly is void. Erase all Microsoft property from all WCA systems.

"Goodbye, Chancellor Harvey."

The image of Harvey faded.

The war had begun.

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