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Which Apple TV Is Right for You?

- 2012.02.15

40-inch Sony CRT television
Old 40" Sony CRT television

Yes, I know that too most folks it would be the current Apple TV (a.k.a. Apple TV 2), but things are not that easy here at Recycled Computing. It's all because I own an old television.

By now everyone probably knows that I have an old 4:3 Sony 40" tube TV. Yes, it's big and very heavy. This makes it burglar proof. Seriously, it takes four mighty, mighty men to pick it up. Don't ask about carrying it for any distance.

2nd generation Apple TV
The current Apple TV is HDMI only.

Naturally, a TV as old as my Sony does not have an HDMI connection. And the new Apple TV only has a HDMI video output.

I have never known an adapter that I don't like, but I thought about it for a while, and then I contacted Sony support and asked if I could use an HDMI-to-component video adapter.

"No," they said, but I could use a component video connection.

the original Apple TV
Ports on the first generation Apple TV.

At first, I was puzzled, then I remembered that there was an earlier Apple TV (a.k.a. Apple TV 1). It has component video as well as HDMI. Apple even sells them refurbished. Now, I know that it is impossible (I think) to get Netflix on the first version of Apple TV, but I have Netflix on my Blue-ray Player. (Yes, connected to my TV by component cables.)

Hopefully this will answer the question: "How do I get the stuff in my iTunes Library on to my non-HDMI TV?" Watch for future articles on the original Apple TV.

Fox Kills Science Fiction

I have discovered something during my DVD ripping process. First, Fox Television is a science fiction tease. Yes, you can get a science fiction show on Fox, but after it airs....

The original cast of Sliders
The original cast of Sliders.

Some examples include Firefly, Dark Angel, and Sliders.

Second, I was in the middle of ripping the first two seasons of Sliders when I realized there were some continuity issues between episodes. I did my research and discovered that the first two seasons were aired in a different order than the series creator filmed them. How does this happen?

Network executives.

These folks hate story arcs. They like stand alone episodes, that is, an episode that can be aired at anytime, anyplace. Something similar occurred to the series Firefly, which eventually led to the cancellation of perhaps (IMO) one of the best science fiction TV series ever.

However, I was able to number the Sliders episodes in the order that that the show's creators intended and view them correctly. I only have the first two seasons of Sliders, since the remaining seasons shed characters, creators, and principles.* If you can find the time to check out Sliders (it's on Hulu and, I think, Netflix), it's well worth the effort. LEM

* Publisher's note: I loved Sliders as well. Seasons 1 and 2 were excellent, but season 3 went in a whole different direction because the network executives wanted more action-oriented programming with consistent antagonists, the Kromaggs. Sci Fi Channel picked up Sliders after Fox canceled it, going back to the original alternate history premise. dk

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