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I Hate It When Apple's Marketing Mavens Are Right

- 2012.06.25

It's your typical New Hampshire town. Two main roads form an X in the middle, and after a while, one of the roads becomes more dominant than the other, and all of the town's businesses form on it. The other road sort of tails off into obscurity, and it's this road I follow over to a smaller town and turn off onto the road that leads to my uncle's cabin on the lake.

This road is paved until you get close enough to the lake to turn off onto a gravel and hard pack two tire rut road. The gravel disappears, and you suddenly dive off into the woods and a road that makes you glad that you are driving a Honda Ridgeline. Roots rise up, and there are large rocks trying to take a hunk out of your fender. Eventually you descend down a passage (not even a road) to my uncle's cabin on the lake.

My uncle's father-in-law built a boathouse on this lake years and years ago. Then he dragged lumber over the lake when it was frozen to built the cabin out of the boathouse. He also filled the bed of his truck with sand and dumped it on the ice next to his dock. That spring he built the cabin, and the sand landed on the beach after the snow had melted.

The cabin gives rustic a bad name, but I don't care. It's one of my favorite spots, and I don't even mind the fact that there is no WiFi connection. I am, however, typing away on my iPad and reflecting on the fact that the Apple marketing guys are right. This is becoming a post-PC world.

I took a temporary job and took my iPad to work rather than my MacBook.

It's lighter and smaller than the MacBook and does almost the same job. However, there were a couple of things that proved a little frustrating. Printing and, for that matter, using the iPad with a smart boards.

Printing was kind of hit and miss with the iPad and the Windows system at my new workplace. I found that the easiest workaround was emailing what I wanted to print to one of the Dell desktops and then printing from that. I was able to email documents directly to my coworkers, but printing directly to the network printers was impossible to difficult.

The facility had two smart boards, but when I bought an iPad-to-VGA adapter, I discovered that Apple doesn't really allow output for anything but video files and YouTube on my old iPad 1. The solution for printing is to buy my own Canon AirPrint and for viewing, I guess I would need a newer iPad and the new iTV. Life is easier with money.

But I can see why more and more users are going to shift to using tablets - easier than lugging that laptop. Apple is right; it is a Post-PC world. LEM

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