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- 2012.10.16

A lot of time has passed since my previous article due to the economy and the necessity of seeking gainful employment in this (for lack of a better term) depression. Nothing like a little obstacle to make you realize that you are old and disposable.

Had I known better, I would have joined the computer club in high school (circa 1979) and not concentrated on film photography.

original iPadI am now working again and can spend sometime updating everyone on the computer events in Casa de Hatchett. I have decided that OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is just a bridge too far at the moment and will be content with OS X 10.7 Lion and my "old" MacBook. The main reason I went to an Intel processor was to use iCloud to keep my iCalendar and Address Book up to date across my Apple devices - which it does wonderfully.

Like everyone else, I have noticed that Apple is concentrating on it's mobile products. The Big Three for Apple are now iPhone, iPad, and iPod. I'm sure that Mac laptops and the Mac Pro will still soldier on, but Apple's heart is just not in it. In fact, the whole industry is slouching towards mobile, complete with dueling lawyers.

I'll be looking for a new iPad, because my original iPad does not support iOS 6, and my wife keeps borrowing it to play Solitaire. I really use my iPad more than I use my MacBook. I'm pretty happy with the iPad - it's small and makes watching TV while blogging very easy. Maybe the "post PC" era will be okay, but if you want to do some data-intensive work, don't toss that laptop and desktop just yet.

I have discovered that my new place of employment is using iPads as well, and my own experience has instantly made me an "expert" on them. Kinda makes you wonder if the business world will be "iPad resistant" after all. Probably not.

I'll keep you updated with the process of using iPads at work. Should be fun. LEM

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