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New Browsing for Older Macs

- 2011.08.01

I confess that I have been using my new iPad to browse the Internet due to the speed ofits Safari browser. My 867 MHz G4 PowerBook was justhaving a tough go of it.

I had been being a good Apple doobie and updating Safari every timean update appeared. I started thinking - which is not always a goodthing. My reasoning went that all the updates were benefiting thenewest Macs and perhaps slowing down my aged G4 capabilities.

As Featured on Low End Mac: TenFourFox!

TenFourFox is a browser optimized for PowerPC Macs, and it perked upthe browsing experience on my PowerBook immediately. Go to the TenFourFox websiteand read all about it!

While TenFourFox starts with the same code as Firefox 5, it isoptimized for OS X 10.5 Leopardand 10.4 Tiger. There areseparate versions for G3, G4, and G5 processors. TenFourFox even offerstwo different versions for G4 computers, depending on the type of G4processor you have.

I feel that with this new browser, I have extended the life of myold G4 Powerbook, and I was very pleased with TenFourFox when Iinstalled on my old PismoG3 PowerBook. It was like Internet Geritol! I had been planning onretiring the Pismo to the desktop as an email machine, but now I thinkI can still use it for occasional trips on the Internet.

Saying No to iCloud

I'm not all that excited about Apple's forthcoming iCloudservice, but it's good that I have options. I'm also not thatinterested in updating my iCal app, since I don't really use itanymore, and I can't make use of all it's new features. I have beenusing GoogleCalendar for the past four years at work and plan to switch to itexclusively for my personal use.

Google Calendar is easy to use, allows multiple calendars, emailsinvitations, and you can subscribe to it or embed it on a web page.Repeating events is a snap. It is user friendly, and any update you addto it will appear immediately on your mobile devices.

Google Calendar has several advantages over iCal. It is operatingsystem independent. As long as I have Internet access and a computerwith a (relatively) new browser, I can view my calendars. I can sharemy calendar with any of my friends regardless of the computer orportable device they own - and Google mobile apps are available for myiPad and iPod. I can even subscribe to my Google Calendar withiCal.

In short, I can use Google Calendar on my old machines and my newmachines and any machine I might buy in the future. Options.

With Google, I have options that I don't with iCloud. LEM

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