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USB Card Reader Works with iPad

- 2011.03.30

Every once in a while, a person will just plain get lucky. So I was in my favorite tech gadget store, Marshalls (a discount clothing store), and I saw a Kodak 50-in-1 card reader. I don't have a card reader, as I normally use the one at work. With a price of $7 (the package had been opened), I could hardly refuse.

Kodak 50-in-1 Card Reader connected to iPadImagine my surprise when I discovered that the Kodak card reader worked with my new iPad! I plugged in the USB dongle with the card reader and was able to import an image from a Compact Flash card - all without having to use a powered USB hub!

I am certainly relieved to not have to worry about whether the digital still camera I buy will be compatible with the iPad. Even if the USB cord doesn't work, I will be able to take the memory card out of the camera and import my photos into the iPad.

Kodak 50-in-1 Card ReaderI could also accept cards from other folks to either import images to print, email, or store for them. If I happen to find a card sitting around, I can find out what images are on it, even if the camera is no longer around. I really feel that this flexibility makes the iPad a better device for what I am planned to do with it. It will find a home in my gadget bag next to my camera and lenses.

I have a feeling that any USB device will sort of be a hit-or-miss with the iPad, and I can offer no advice as to what will work and what won't. I would like to see external drives supported, as it would be convenient to back up your iPad to a drive and be able to restore the iPad in the field. This would make the iPad more independent, but it probably mean some changes to iOS.

I have accomplished several of the tasks that I wanted to with my new iPad, and I am very optimistic about using the iPad instead of an OS X device under most conditions. LEM

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