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4G iPod touch a Big Step Forward

- 2011.02.03

Apple iPod touch
The 4G iPod touch

How is that new iPod touch doing?

I'm glad you asked.

Over Christmas, I replaced my 1st generation (1G) iPod touch with a new 4th generation (4G) model. I purchased the 32 GB model, since I knew that I had already filled up the 16 GB in my old iPod touch, and I felt that the 64 GB model was just not price effective.

Side note to Apple: They have these tiny little Micro SD cards that every phone not made by Apple seems to use. It allows users to increase the memory capacity of their mobile phones. You should use them. Also - and this is a crazy thought - you should make the iPad's Camera Connection Kit work with the iPhone and iPod touch.

Have I asked what the Bluetooth in the iPod touch is for? I was under the silly impression that it might do more than link to a Bluetooth keyboard and a wireless headset. It wouldn't even link to my G4 PowerBook. What is with that?

Again, every phone with Bluetooth not made by Apple can link with my PowerBook.

Don't I have anything nice to say?

Yes, it is amazing how much more you get for your iPod touch dollar. The new iOS 4.2 software is really nice. I love being able to organize my apps into folders, and apps seem to run zippier (is that a word?). The new display is much sharper, and the iPod itself is thinner and lighter. Having cameras is nice if you want update your Contacts with a visual reminder of just who or what that number is doing in there. (This is important for us old users whose memory is fading as fast as our hairline is receding.)

The built-in microphone and speaker make using Skype a breeze. Of course, with any Internet work on the go, it requires a WiFi hotspot. What is life without challenges?

I know there are times when I just want to listen to a song or watch a video without the hassle of firing up a laptop; I totally enjoy having Netflix on the iPod.

Dollar for dollar, pound for pound, I view the iPod touch as one of the greatest values in the computer marketplace. With a WiFi connection, it can be a weather station, Internet phone, news station, and all around information gatherer. I use it to store passwords, bank account numbers, and other data that I need when I am out and about. Then there is the video capability and my vast iTunes Library.

Still, it would be nice if you could use Bluetooth to sync the iPod and the Mac.... LEM

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