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iPod touch and Pismo: Perfect Together

- 2009.01.21

Santa was very good to me this year. I guess that my tactic ofrepeatedly insisting that the only thing I wanted was an iPod touchreally worked - even Santa got tired of listening to me.

I have only one complaint. I wanted a second generation (2G) touch,but my wife sourced a 16 GB first generation (1G) for less than an8 GB 2G. I haven't the heart to tell her, but my quest for aportable VoIP phone goes on.

First, I'm going to have to buy a MacallyiVoiceIII and hack it so it works with the 1G iPod touch. I willkeep you informed if I can locate the parts and hack my touch to be aVoIP phone.

iPod Loves Pismo

In the meantime, how does the new touch get along with the oldPismo? Pretty damngood. I went south to bring Christmas to my dad and forgot to bring myUSB 2.0 card, so it took about 5 hours to load my iTunes library fromthe Pismo into the new iPod. My father doesn't have any Internetconnection whatsoever, so I had to suffer through a terrible computerjones until I could return to my home network and start downloadingstuff.

I am not going to puff the iPod touch; better writers than I have.Since this is recycled computing, I will point out that the Apps Storehas turned the iPhone and the iPod touch into the Newton II. I own two ofthose green sub-computers and can honestly say that with customapplications, my iPod touch now takes the place of that innovativeproduct of theSculley years at Apple.

When Apple finally does something, it does it right. Not only is thetouch a great music/video player, PDA, and portable computer, but aslong as I can download the latest version of iTunes, it will work justfine with my Pismo. Everything works seamlessly with the iPod touch andthe Pismo. How many companies can make the claim that their 9-year-oldlaptop can function flawlessly with their new PDA?

Dark Angel Random PismoSighting

I also received a set of firstseason Dark Angel DVDs. For those of you unfamiliar of thisJames Cameron TV series, it is set in post-apocalyptic Seattle in thenear future. One of the protagonists is confined to a wheelchair. Hehappens to be an underground cyber journalist and uses . . .drum roll please . . . an Apple Pismo for his laptop! Theseries takes place ten years from now, so is it safe for me to assumethat my Pismo will still be operational then.

Of course the DarkAngel series only lasted two seasons. Fox canceled it to bringin Joss Weedon's Firefly,which Fox canceled before its season ended. Yep, Fox television -canceler of sciencefiction series extraordinare. LEM

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