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Macintosh Remote Control with Chicken of the VNC

- 2009.10.06

Before I started writing for Low End Mac, I was a loyal reader. Andas a reader, I happened to catch Dan Bashur's Teaching an old iMac SomeNew Tricks.

Dan is taking his oldG3 iMac and attaching it to his home stereo. This is an excellentrepurposing of a classic Mac. But he also had a problem similar to theone I have: When he put the iMac next to his entertainment system,there was no room for a keyboard and mouse.

iMac as part of home entertainment centerI have the same problem in my setup. Dan rejected awireless keyboard and mouse and mentioned Chicken of the VNC. Thisis a VNC (virtual network computer) application for Mac OS X, andit allows you to control another computer from your computer. Danclaims it allows you to do more things than Leopard's screensharing.

Since I am limited to Tiger on both the iMac and my Pismo, Chicken of the VNC fillsthe bill.

I had been using Apple's Remote app on my iPod touch to control myiTunes library remotely. However, occasionally I would have to run anupdate on the old iMac or run Disc Permissions in Disc Utility. It wasuncomfortable, to say the least.

Now, from the comfort of my couch, I can control the iMac and eventurn it off when I am done listening to my iTunes library. Ultimatecoolness.

I plan on opening up my other users on my home network so that (lazyme), I can take over their computers remotely and fix whatever problemis bedeviling them - all from the comfort of my recliner. Life isgreat. Maybe heaven is a place where there is a remote control foreverything.

If you happen to see an old iMac sitting in the recycle bin ortrying to hitch a ride on a major highway, adopt it. I run Mac OS X 10.4.11 "Tiger" on mine. Itis connected to my wireless network and functions as a jukebox for myhome stereo. You could do the same with yours - or turn it into anemailer or just let the kids play with it.

Don't let the express train of progress throw these colorfulcomputers on to the ash heap of history.

Pismo SuperDrive Update

slot-loading drive with no covercover for slot-loading driveLast week, I wrote aboutreplacing my Pismo's DVD-ROM drive with the burner I salvaged from abroken iBook G4 (see Upgradinga Pismo PowerBook with a Slot-load Drive Salvaged from an iBook).It was an easy swap, but I was left with a Borg-like module that lackeda face plate. Kinda of ugly looking. I happened to have a face platefrom the Zip drive module that came with my Pismo. After hacking it upwith my wife's Dremel tool and salvaging a bit of the old iBook's CDmounting, I believe that I can make it look much better. LEM

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