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School Year Means Clamshell iBook and Aluminum iMac

- 2009.08.24

I haven't started my job in our local school just yet, but I willpreview the situation. I have been upgraded with a new 20" brushed aluminum iMac. And. . . and my boss' daughter updated her laptop with an IBMThinkPad, so I will be getting my hands on a Blue G3 Clamshell!

(Pause for effect.)

Yes! I have always wanted one of these iBook dinosaurs, because theydo not look any other computer ever made.

indigo clamshell iBookYes,they look like the alien beings from the future that occasionally reartheir multiple heads in the Apple Design department and just go crazy,then design this laptop. I mean, it has all those computer parts -screen, keyboard, CD drive, network port, USB port, and FireWire port,but it looks like a toilet seat from the future! It's just crazy!

I'm going to have so much fun seeing what I can do with thisclamshell iBook. What's really nice is the FireWire connection - I canuse Target Disc Mode to load OS X from a Mac with a DVD drive.That's real cool.

I am hoping to max outthe RAM and see if I can get Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" to run on it. Nomatter what, it will be an adventure - and you will be the first toknow!

brushed aluminum iMacIam really looking forward to working with the 20" iMac. This will bethe largest screen I have ever used, and I have no idea what to do withall that real estate. I will have to avoid the temptation to watchvideo on this huge thing. This will be fun! And I will give you areview of this desktop monster.

From the Dark Side: Windows XP still runsfine on my son's MacBook. Very shortly, he will be going off tocollege, and I will have to answer any tech questions on the phone. Iam hoping to install Microsoft Office on the Mac side of his MacBookbefore he goes to school.

I just had another Yo-Yo Power Adapter die on me. Fortunately, Ihave a bunch of them, so the Pismo was able to survive, butthe batteries are going south. I think I have to bite the bullet andbuy a brandy new battery (or batteries) to keep the old gal going.Still, it is my day-to-day computer and still has (IMO) the bestkeyboard I have ever used on a computer.

The future looks bright, and I can promise to keep you informed onmy new school year projects. LEM

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