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There's Still a Place for G3 Macs in the Age of Leopard

- 2008.09.09

It's time for me to face facts. While my old G3 iMac functions as a printserver for my home network, it has really ceased to function as aviable computer. I use my Pismo for all of my computingneeds, and as a result, I don't turn on the old G3 very often. Ofcourse, when I want print something, I have to turn it on.

I may take the old sage G3, hook itup to my stereo system, and use it to play my iTunes library. Itwould save the wear and tear on my vinyl and cassettes and shuffle mytunes effortlessly.

sage iMac

As you can see in the next photo, the old gal has every thing butthe kitchen sink attached to her:

ports on iMac

writing centerStill, donot cry for me, Cupertino. The high school I work at has just purchasedbrand new (at least to us) computers for the the labs I supervise. Inour Writing Center we have new 17" (plastic) iMacs.

In our newly named Graphics Lab, we have 20" brushed aluminumiMacs.

graphics labAll of the newMacs use the same disk image, so I will be getting used to Leopard asan operating system. Since I will be using Apple Remote Desktop, thesame disk image and same machines means less trouble running scriptsand whatnot.

Now, if I can just get Leopard on my school desktop....

As the Apple turns, progress dictates that Intel chips rule, and wePowerPC owners will have to concentrate on the workarounds, oldsoftware libraries, and dodges to keep our beloved Pismos, G3s, G4s,and G5s running.

I will still be using my Pismo until they pry it from my cold, deadfingers. I type all my articles for Low End Mac using this 9-year-oldlaptop and see no reason to stop using this wonderful keyboard.

I just sent my daughter off to college equipped with her iBook G4.

If you have to send your prodigy off to school, consider the Pismoroute. You can still buy them cheap, and it's easy to add more memoryand a larger hard drive. As long as you don't need up-to-date graphicscapability, a Pismo has the connectivity and software (I run "Tiger"OS X 10.4.11 with only 512 MB RAM) to work for a typical collegestudent. If you happen to have an old AirPort Card or 2.5" hard drivelying around, so much the better. (No AirPort Card? Check out WiFi Cards for PowerBookswith PC Card Slots for 802.11g options.)

Trust me, the Pismo is that easy to work on.

And even though I have Intel chips in my labs, I still have a Pismoin my heart. LEM

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