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10 Reasons iPhone Users Should Like Android

Frank Fox - 2012.01.12 - Tip Jar

I liked this rant, Why I Hate Android, at the Paris Lemon website about why you can hate Android because of the false promises Google used to develop and sell the phone, and not because you don't like choice.

Google may have had grand plans that were subverted in order to make the Android a business success. Still, if you can ignore the crap Google had to do, then you can look for the positive in Android.

I decided to come up with a list of reasons why even a fan of the iPhone can look favorably on the Android. So without further ado here my top ten:

  1. Competition is good for new ideas. Competition leads to new ideas as each company tries to stay ahead.
  2. Competition keeps prices low. Monopolies get away with charging high prices because the consumer has no choice.
  3. The better the competitor, the harder Apple has to work. Professional athletes don't get better by competing against amateurs. When you are at the top of your game, you need an equally strong competitor to challenge you.
  4. Apple gets to be the underdog again. It can be hard to root for Apple when it is crushing all its competitors. Now that Android has passed the iPhone in volume, Apple can reclaim the underdog title, even if it is making more money than anyone else.
  5. The bigger the smartphone market grows, the more people who will one day switch to using an iPhone. Growth of the iPhone sales hasn't peaked yet.
  6. All the imitation helps the labor market by employing lots of lawyers for all the legal battles.
  7. Android gives developers a place to sell their apps after they are rejected from the App Store.
  8. At least people who don't want an iPhone aren't stuck with Windows Phone 7.
  9. You'll know it's time for a marriage counselor when your spouse buys you one for your birthday - unless you asked for one.
  10. Once more companies customize the Android code, as Amazon did for the Kindle Fire, we'll have more products to choose from instead of just smartphones. Apple's just one company that can't make everything (or at least they shouldn't).
      Google is a greedy company that has no moral compass about taking over other's hard work so it can sell advertising. Google took many of its ideas from Linux, Oracle, Apple, etc. I don't feel bad when another company wrestles away control of Android with their own custom offering.
      At least these new devices won't be stuck using a stripped down version of Widows (Windows Embedded) like they used to be. The joke was getting the blue screen of death on heart monitoring equipment. Now we can get Google hosted Viagra® commercials when we buy an Android-powered pill dispenser.

That's my list. It's not enough to get me to buy an Android phone, but I respect your right to buy whatever you want. LEM

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