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Frank Fox - 2010.01.29 - Tip Jar

Steve Jobs has unveiled the iPad.

Did Apple delivery everything I expected? Not quite, but darn close. A camera, a hard drive, and a Mini DisplayPort would have been nice. I am a gadget nerd, so I would have liked the extra features.

Watching the demo, I see most of what I do with a laptop built into the iPad. With the attachable keyboard, it could replace 90% of my laptop needs. I like typing on the bed, and a physical keyboard is the better choice for me. If my wife didn't already have a laptop, an iPad would definitely be on our list of things to get.

Overall, I'd have to say the iPad turned out to be just what I expected.

Feature Got it


tablet, not netbook X Jobs talked a lot about this decision
no built-in keyboard X
anywhere Internet connectivity X 3G
full Internet browsing X "best web browsing experience"
AT&T to remain exclusive partner X Sorry Verizon
custom computer chip X 1 Ghz Apple A4 CPU
battery-friendly processor X
iPhone App Store X
multitouch input controls X
motion sensors X
onscreen keyboard X
ebook reader X
developers have new market X 60 days before iPad is available
iTunes: music, TV, movies X
news, book, and print industries X
$500 price X lowest is $499 for 16 GB, no 3G
larger screen X 9.7" definitely bigger than the iPhone
cheap hard drive - failed, Apple is up selling based on memory
optional pen/stylus - fingers only
fantastic drawing tablet X good artist can still make it work without a stylus
no DVD X
no Blu-ray X
Mini DisplayPort - one of those Apple imposed limits
1/2" thickness X
tapered thin edges X
good battery life X 10 hours
integrated battery X
video camera like iPod nano - no hard drive or camera, no need for video
cameras one area that Apple limits X Apple showed their thinking here
data in the Cloud ? still has MobileMe
stream media from the iDisk ? not sure how iWork get files
office app that uses touchscreen interface X iWork
Grand Central Dispatch ? no word yet
OpenCL technology ? no news
beats a single-core 1.6 GHz Atom ? videos looked responsive, so maybe

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