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Tech Changes, and So Does Life

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Greeting Low End Mac friends! It's been a long time since my most recent column - a little over six months to be exact.

This year has been filled with ups and downs, and just as life goes, times definitely change with the technology. Besides the new breakthrough innovation of the iPad, Apple has refreshed virtually everything else (even Apple TV) during the last six months. It's a great time indeed for Apple.

As of my last article, iPad Gaming Potential, I had imminent expectations of my second child arriving and knew that it would be very difficult to write for some time. I am now back and look forward to providing many more useful, insightful, and memorable articles in the near and distant future.

Life Goes On*

Where did the last six months go? Life can certainly take your for a wild ride.

Here's the short version: On March 16, Courtney Olivia Bashur was born to a proud family surrounding her.

Dad was there with his DSLR camera, ready for lots of great shots to create some family memories on his newly acquired 14" 1.42 GHz iBook G4 that I provided from a deal on a lot of 5 units that I captured on eBay (Dad's aging 12" 600 MHz iBook G3 had seen better days). He was so stoked about creating content on his (newer and more capable) Mac and displaying it on his LCD HDTV that he needed to track down a mini VGA to VGA adapter right away while we were all at the hospital. I found one on eBay for a couple bucks and gave him mine for the meantime to tide him over. He was quite grateful and promptly hooked up his Mac to his display that evening.

Dad then came by and visited us a few days later, after we came home from the hospital with our baby girl. He had some great pictures taken with him holding Courtney. It was definitely one of those priceless family moments.

Good-bye, Dad

Sadly, Dad would never have the chance to make a baby Courtney photo album for us. The following day, I lost one of my greatest influences - my father, who was my mentor, a PR solo act genius (George Bashur, Accredited Public Relations), man of many other talents, and fellow Mac Enthusiast of many years. Dad was a good family man who led a very healthy and fulfilling life, but that life was abruptly ended by an unexpected heart failure. My family and many others were devastated by this great tragedy.

More Problems

Other blows would follow. The transmission went out in one of my vehicles in July. I lost my day job a few weeks ago (in late August, just before my birthday), and last week, Dad's 2006 Mac mini suffered a logic board failure while it was in FireWire Target Disk Mode and I was recovering some files for my mother.

As the Beatles once said, "Oob la di, oob la da (life goes on)."

Life Does Go On

I hate to get morose and even a bit off topic, but I thought it would be interesting to provide a snapshot of an ordinary Low End Mac family, what may seem to be the simple absence of writer to those of you who frequent Low End Mac.

Although this year has proven difficult, I keep reminding myself that my passion for writing is always there and that I have many riches around me each and every day - a wonderful family, great friends, God, and readers who care.

Thanks for your time; I look forward to providing some amazing content in the near future. LEM

* Publisher's note: It is official Low End Mac policy that "real life" takes priority over writing for LEM. Like Dan Bashur, I found writing a very helpful tool in dealing with the personal issues involved in the meltdown of my first marriage seven years ago. Life goes on, God is good, and adversity is an opportunity for growth. dk

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Dan Bashur lives in central Ohio with his wife and children. He uses various PowerPC G3 and G4 Macs running Tiger and Leopard. Besides finding new uses for Macs and other tech, Dan enjoys writing (fantasy novel series in the works), is an avid gamer, and a member of Sony's Gamer Advisor Panel. You can read more of Dan Bashur's work on, where he contributes regular articles about the PSP, classic gaming, and ways you can use Sony gaming hardware with your Mac.

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