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Beverly Woods has been in love with music since early childhood and studied piano from the age of 5. She has been performing professionally since 1972, using an eclectic and ever-growing collection of acoustic instruments.

A well-known featured performer at Faneuil Hall in Boston, Beverly lives in Ossipee, NH, and provides music for film and multimedia presentations, festivals and events of all kinds, New England contradancing, and International folk dance. She has released a number of recordings.

Beverly plays hammered dulcimer; piano, organ, and other keyboards; 6- and 7-string guitars; voice; pennywhistle; frame drums; fretted dulcimer; folk harp;, concertina; nyckelharpa; and Hurdy-gurdy. She is currently writing books for music publisher Mel Bay, and is featured in "Hammered Dulcimer 2000. The world's finest hammered dulcimer solos."

On top of all that, Beverly has become a devoted Mac user and helps manage our G-Books, iMac, LEM Swap, PowerBooks, and Swap Feedback groups.

Low End Mac pays it's writers a modest fee, and list managers work on a volunteer basis. If you've found Beverly's advice and commentary helpful or appreciate the work she's done helping with the lists, you can make a personal donation to him via PayPal using this button:

Note that PayPal charges the recipient a 30¢ transaction fee plus 4.9% of the total for payments funded with a credit card or debit card.

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