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Low End Designer Reader Survey

- 2004.09.29

The Low End Designer needs your help. This column was planned to simply run for three months, but it has been such a success that it is going to continue past its planned run. We still have plenty of material to cover including typography, scanning, hints and tips, and lots of software reviews.

What is needed from you, the readers, is an indication of where you would like the series to go. Please answer as many of the following questions as you can and send your replies to me via email to

About you

  1. What is your level of interest in design?
    1. Just a reader
    2. I do a bit of light design work
    3. I want to be a designer
    4. I am a designer
    5. I have no interest
  2. What do you design?
    1. Nothing
    2. Web sites
    3. Print (flyers, business cards, letterheads etc.)
    4. Publications (newspapers, magazines)
    5. Long documents (books, manuals)
    6. Other (please specify)
  3. What is your level of design education?
    1. None
    2. School/night classes
    3. College/university
    4. Postgraduate/Masters/Doctorate
  4. About your computers (choose all that apply)
    1. Compact Mac (Black and white)
    2. 68K Mac (inc. Color Classic)
    3. Pre-G3 Power Mac
    4. G3/G4 running Mac OS 8 or 9
    5. G3/G4/G5 running Mac OS X
    6. Windows PC
    7. Linux PC
    8. Mac running Linux
    9. SGI/Sun/NeXT or other exotic workstation

About the series

  1. What aspect of the Low End Designer do you find most interesting?
    1. None. It bores me.
    2. The software reviews
    3. The hints and tips
    4. The proposed practical guides to typography, color usage and scanning
  2. I would like to see moreÖ (choose all that apply)
    1. Reviews
    2. Commentary and opinion
    3. Design criticism
    4. Practical tips for good design
    5. Practical tips for getting the most out of older hardware and software
    6. None. Please stop.
  3. Please make any comments on the series.

Thanks to everyone who's read the series so far, and particularly to those who've emailed me about it.

Letters sent may be published at our discretion. Email addresses will not be published unless requested. If you prefer that your message not be published, mark it "not for publication." Letters may be edited for length, context, and to match house style. LEM

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Jason Walsh is a journalist and designer living in Ireland who has worked in design for several newspaper groups, including Mirror Group Newspapers. Walsh was art director at Gorgeous, a women's lifestyle glossy, and the East Belfast Observer, a weekly local paper.

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