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New Mac Notebooks Using New Intel CPUs This Month?, iPad Could Cannibalize MacBook Sales, and More

This Week's Mac Notebook News

Compiled by Charles Moore and edited by Dan Knight - 2010.04.09

So we can post our three news roundups (Mac News Review, The 'Book Review, and The iNews Review) earlier, we first do a quick proofread and link check, leaving out images. We add images later when time permits. dk

General Apple and Mac desktops is covered in The Mac News Review. iPad, iPod, iPhone, and Apple TV news is covered in The iOS News Review. All prices are in US dollars unless otherwise noted.


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New MacBooks Coming This Month?

Based on what I can decipher from a Google translation of a Chinese language news piece by Apple Action News' Wang Yulun, Apple will be releasing its next generation family of MacBook notebooks based on Intel's latest Core "i" mobile CPUs, including a new ultra-low voltage Intel processor for a revision of the MacBook Air.

The article says Apple plans to push for the MacBook Pro 13", 15", and 17" sizes with built-in 640 GB or 248 GB SSD storage media and battery runtime increased to 8 hours.

Taiwanese Site Claims Apple Will Refresh Entire MacBook Line Soon

AppleInsider's Slash Lane says:

"A new report claims that Apple could release updates to its MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air notebook computers in April, with alleged Intel processor supply issues said to be resolved.

"Taiwanese newspaper Apple Daily reported on Monday that Apple plans to release updated MacBooks, MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs this month...."

iPad Could Cannibalize MacBook Sales, Impact Apple Stock Value

The Trefis Team reports:

"About 18% of Apple's stock value is attributable to the company's Macintosh (Mac) computer business. Mac notebooks are the most valuable component of the Mac business, constituting about 8% of Apple's stock....

"We estimate that there could be $15 (6%) downside to Apple's stock if iPad sales were to eventually cannibalize about half of Mac notebook sales....

"If a significant portion of Mac notebook buyers are primarily content consumers rather than content creators, Mac notebook cannibalization from the iPad could be significant. If half of iPad sales were to come at the expense of Mac notebook sales, then our 21 million Mac notebook sales estimate would be overstated significantly."

iPad vs. Netbook: It's A Close Call

PC World's Jason Cross says:

"Will the iPad replace netbooks? Well, a netbook has a full keyboard, runs complete operating systems, and can basically run any application you choose so it has to be the superior PC companion device, right? PC World pitted the iPad against the netbook in a number of important categories, and found that the contest is closer than people might expect.

"Since it's a PC, a netbook gives you access to any browser you choose. You get full support for Flash, Silverlight, and the like. On the other hand, the screen is small and you can't easily rotate or zoom it the way you can the iPad's display . . . [but] the ability of netbooks to see the whole Web and to run any browser you choose give them the advantage....

"Unfortunately, the iPad offers no local storage, so moving documents around is a real pain. Basically you have to e-mail them to yourself and open them from the Mail program or from your favorite Web mail client, and then e-mail them back when you're done . . . taking lengthy notes or writing long papers or articles is a chore: You can't really touch-type on the new keyboard . . . as much as we dislike most netbooks keyboards, they re infinitely more usable than the iPad's on-screen keyboard . . . netbooks let you run full-blown versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It's not even close on this measure: Netbooks have the clear advantage.

"The better choice for a PC companion really depends on what you want to do with the device. If your primary need is a system for work, the netbook's superiority is indisputable. For entertainment, however, the iPad has the edge...."

Netbook Sales Sag as the iPad Arrives

"The sales growth of the mini-laptops has fallen sharply as buyers eye more capable portable computers," reports BusinessWeek's Cliff Edwards, suggesting that Apple's iPad is helping cool the computer industry's netbook fever of the past three years or so, and quoting Steve Jobs' disdainful declamation that "Netbooks aren't better than anything. They're just cheap laptops."

Edwards says PC makers are beginning to worry that a sizable cohort of consumers agree, (or at least are looking for a different technology fix, with mini-laptops "losing their novelty") citing a recent survey finding that roughly 20 percent of potential netbook and notebook buyers are considering an iPad instead of a conventional laptop, and observing that after their meteoric rise in popularity netbooks' may have peaked.

SLAPPA Launches MASK Custom Build Laptop Backpack Series

PR: SLAPPA, maker of professional quality CD cases, DVD cases, laptop backpacks, laptop sleeves, bags, and gaming cases, announced the launch of their new MASK Custom Build Backpack series.


SLAPPA's MASK laptop backpack series was designed for extensive personalization and application flexibility. The MASK features patent pending E-Z-Zip technology, which enables customers to choose and change the outer face of the backpack quickly and easily by zipping faces on and off. Multiple face options allow users to modify the bag to fit their desired look and storage needs - each face provides a specialized storage configuration, designed to meet the needs of the specific user.


MASK also features a choice of one of 15 on the fly custom art inserts, designed specifically for MASK by SLAPPAs Visual Impact artists. The on the fly custom art inserts give customers the option to change the inside look of the bag by easily pulling out and pressing in one of the 15 custom designed inserts. The initial series of inserts were created by SLAPPAs Visual Impact artists including Morten Bak from Denmark, Simon Mitchell from the UK, DomiNX from the US, and Ben Heine from Belgium. SLAPPA has announced plans to continue adding more face and inner artwork options in the near future.


Designed according to SLAPPA standards for hardcore protection, MASK was built using pro-grade 1680D ballistic nylon. MASK is water resistant, puncture proof, and nearly indestructible. The bag also boasts extensive storage capabilities in a compact footprint and 0.5 padding in every wall of the backpack.

The MASK is also the ideal travel backpack, providing a large center storage section sized to carry gear such as gaming consoles, small mixing consoles, a full DSLR camera and lens kit, or 2-3 days worth of clothing. The checkpoint-friendly rear section enables users to keep laptops inside the dedicated compartment when going through airport scanner. Multiple D rings on the outside of the bag allow users to clip SLAPPA headphone cases, game cases, or 40 Hardbody Pro CD cases to clip onto the exterior of the bag for easy access. In total the bag has 5 storage sections for all the computer, gaming and DJ peripherals toted by today's mobile professionals.

"MASK has been literally two years in the making," said SLAPPA president, Dominick Martinetti, "and we are very excited with this backpack. Our goal with the bag was to develop a highly personalized, feature-rich product that allowed for radical customization, and to give customers a lifelong backpack. With MASK, now when you invest in a backpack, you can update it easily without having to buy a whole new backpack. It's built for a lifetime of use."


MASK is available exclusively on SLAPPAs website and will soon be available on its international sites,,, and The backpack retails for $129.99, which includes the choice of any face, the choice of any custom artist insert and free ground shipping in the USA.

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