Best Buys in Used Macs

Updated 2001.09 and 2003.05

We're sorry, but these are very old, very dated articles. Best buys in used Macs is such a moving target that we simply can't keep up to date and have given up even trying. Please read these in their historical context, as some of these articles were written in the early years of Low End Mac.

Some Macs were just great when they were new, but haven't fared as well on the used market. Others were best avoided from the start (see Road Apples). And some were simply unaffordable by the average user.

A Best Buy rating means you can buy the computer used and have a usable Mac, have some real upgrade options (RAM, CPU, etc.), and current pricing is reasonable in light of age and capability. Prices are approximate based on recent eBay sales and will vary by configuration. Shipping is additional on eBay purchases, so you can expect to pay a bit more locally when shipping is not a factor.

A Good Buy rating is also a very good value, but a machine that for one reason or another didn't quite merit a best buy rating.

Best Buys - 68K Macs

Best Buys - Power Macs

Good Buys

If you're looking for a used Mac, be sure to visit our Dealers page, which lists dozens who sell used and reconditioned equipment.

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