Different Branches

Apple's primary path has gone through the Apple I, Apple II, and Lisa right through today's Intel-based Macs. Along the way, there have been different branches growing out of or merging into the Apple tree - BeOS, NeXT, and Newton among them.

Seb Payne says, "My interests range from computing and photography to political and current affairs." He's been a Mac user since 1996 and switched fully over in 2001 with the purchase of his first Power Mac G3 and his discovery of Low End Mac. His equipment includes 17" MacBook Pro, 12" PowerBook G4, and G4 Mac mini - "all running the brilliant Mac OS X."

Payne is intrigued by older technology and says, "I'm very interest in the Newton and NeXT systems. I'm trying to lay my hands on an NeXT system from eBay (or find a way to get OPENSTEP to run on Parallels) to experiment and write about. I've got Einstein running too and hope to find a good condition MessagePad (again, hard to find on eBay UK)."

Payne has his own blog, sometimes writes about Mac apps on MacApper, and coproduces the Northern Bytes podcast.

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