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4 December 1999 - Daniel Knight

We've been making some design changes at Low End Mac

  1. Larger type for the visually challenged (I'm not that many years away from bifocals - or so the optometrist tells me).
  2. Navigation bar on the right. It's really the best place for it, although the norm on the web has been navigation on the left.
  3. The main text box on the right. I'm doing this for those who use text-based browsers. Now they won't have to scroll through nearly as much material to read the page content. This should also make the site friendlier to those with smaller screens (no more need to scroll right to read) and those using text readers.

Over the coming weeks we'll be moving the bulk of the site to the new format.

A quick look back at some of this week's content on Low End Mac.

Old AV Mac Saves PC User, Anthony Lucente, Mac Musings, 11/30

These are the kind of tales we're developing a reputation for: using ancient Macs to do things PCs can't.

Monitor dot pitch, Dan Knight, Online Tech Journal, 12/1

Confused by "dot pitch" vs. "horizontal dot pitch" vs. "AG pitch" - let this article clear things up.

Salvaged Compact Macs, "Adam Ant," My First Mac, 12/2

One school's discards are this users goldmine.

Apple revs G4/350, Dan Knight, Mac Musings, 12/2

Probably the most unexpected news of the week, and nearly as exciting as Apple stock closing at US$115.00 per share.

Lots of accelerator news this week, so lots of new pages and updates.

Guide to USB Keyboards, MacUSB.

Most comprehensive listing of USB keyboards on the web lists over two dozen keyboards - some with iMac colors and the standard Apple layout.

We've finally created upgrade guides covering Umax SuperMac specific upgrades: ZIF upgrades for the C500/C600 and second processor cards for the S900/910.

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Dan Knight has been using Macs since 1986, sold Macs for several years, supported them for many more years, and has been publishing Low End Mac since April 7, 1997. You can learn more about his current computer system in Dan Knight's TiBook.

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