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Appendix B: Changes and fixes in iCab 3.0 beta 352

Appendix B

Changes and fixes in iCab 3.0 beta 352

Beta 352 fixes a problem with the "check for update" feature (because of a wrong "version" resource iCab did always report that a new version is available).

GUI related changes

JavaScript related changes

Plug-in related changes

Layout related changes

"Classic" related changes

Other changes

New features in iCab 3.0 Beta 350

General Information about iCab 3.0

This beta version has still some limitations:

Printing isn't fully working in the Classic version of iCab

(because of bugs in printing Unicode text in "Classic" Mac OS) - It is not yet optimized for speed.

Forms Manager

In the tools menu you'll now find the "forms manager", which allows to automatically fill out forms.

There are three levels to help filling out forms. For each level there's one Tab in the forms manager window:

  1. first tab: "Input fields"
    While typing letters in form fields, iCab can autocomplete your input based on the words in the list of these settings. You can add/delete/edit items to/from this list here. But you can also add new items through the contextual menu of form fields (control-click in the field to open the contextual menu): selecting "Remember test for field-based autocompletion" from the contextual menu will add the current content of the form field into the list.
  2. second tab: "All Forms"
    In this level, all forms of all websites will be addressed. Whenever you select the menu item "Fill out forms" from the "View" menu, iCab will try to fill out each form field based on the data from the list in this settings panel. iCab will look for the ID/NAME attribute (HTML code) of the input field, if it matches one of the names of the "name of field" column of the list, iCab will insert the corresponding "value" from the list into the form field. The "name of field" column can contain multiple names, separated by comma. You can add new items directly here, but also through the contextual menu of the input field by selecting "Remember Input field and Text for general form completion" from the contextual menu. Works well for general fields where you have to enter name, street and city, because most web authors tend to label these fields with "name", "street" and "city". Other less common fields may not work here.

    An example, how this can look like:

    name of field Value
    vorname, firstname Alexander
    nachname, lastname Clauss
    strasse, street Retuerallee 39
    ort, city, town Darmstadt
    plz, zip, zipcode 64297
  3. third tab "Special websites"
    Here iCab will handle complete forms (including checkboxes, popup buttons etc.) of certain websites. Using the menu item "Save forms" from the "View" menu iCab saves all forms of the current page. Using the menu item "Fill out forms" fill out the form of the current page, if they were saved before. In the list of these settings, you'll find the URL of each site, iCab has saved the form data.

The settings of tab 3 has higher priority than the settings of tab 2.

Search field in Toolbar

It is now possible to delete all saved search keywords.

Importing Bookmarks

iCab is able to import the bookmarks from Safari, Opera, Mozilla, Netscape, Phoenix, FireFox, OmniWeb, Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. iCab automatically asks to import bookmarks when launched the very first time (that means there're no preferences found). But you can manually import bookmarks at any time as well, by selecting "import" from the "hotlist" menu.

CSS 2.0/2.1 Support

iCab 3.0 supports CSS 2.0/2.1 probably more complete than most other browsers. In the archive you'll find some HTML/CSS test files (text in German) which show most of the CSS 2.1 features.

Another good test for CSS is:



iCab 3.0 is based on Apples Unicode Engine ATSUI. ATSUI is available since Mac OS 8.5, but it is suggested to use Mac OS 9 or newer, because ATSUI lacks some important features under Mac OS 8.5/8.6. Mac OS X will give the best results.

So iCab 3.0 currently doesn't run on 68K Macs (Mac OS 8.5 is not available for 68K).

Error report

The error report lists now also errors in StyleSheets and XHTML code.

TITLE Attribute

Under Mac OS X the TITLE attribute will be shown as Tooltip. Under Classic the TITLE attribute will be shown in the status bar, like before (classic doesn't support tooltips).


iCab 3.0 will now use [Control][Letter] for the ACCESSKEY attribute (which is the same in Safari, FireFox and Opera).

iCab uses the following StyleSheet for ACCESSKEY:

*[accesskey]:after {

content: "[" attr(accesskey) "]";

font-size: 80%;

vertical-align: super;}

In the preferences (Web Content/Display) and in the filter manager this stylesheet can be switched off, in case there's a conflict with some websites which are using a different approach to visualize the accesskey attribute.

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