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10 Things I'd Like to See Fixed in OS X

- 2003.09.16

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Jagular. Blah, blah, Tigger. Yap yap yap.

New features are nice, but what about those little annoyances that just really get on our nerves? How about those, huh?

Here's a list. List articles are supposed to be evidence of lazy writing, so I'm admitting that only 7 of these are ones that annoy me every day - I made three up because I think lists should have 10 items. Lists with 7 items is evidence of a lack of creativity to come up with three more items, IMHO.


Favorite locations in the OS X Finder and Favorites in Classic need to be synchronized. Of course, if they're different that's only encouraging to go all OS X. Hey, wait, you already have OS X. I keep having to maneuver to the same place manually when switching from Classic to OS X and back again.


I want 'Virtual PC for OS 9" or the equivalent available to run in OS X so I can switch back and forth without rebooting my computer. Or, alternatively, I want Classic to have a more OS X Aqua feel to it so the newbies won't be so confused when everything shifts around. "When you see the little colorful Apple, the eject function is over heeeeere."


I want the Dock to go all the way around the frickin' screen. All at the same time. I want to be able to lock an icon in the Dock so I can't accidentally "poof" it.


I want OS X help to open in less than geological time.


I want major OS updates available with a discount for registered owners.


I want to be able to use those cheap little webcams at CompUSA right out of the box. Printers and scanners, too.


I want a column on the right hand edge of the desktop reserved for hard drives, CD, and DVDs only. And I want to be able to turn that feature off when I'm sick of it.


I want to be able to attach sounds to system events like we did back when computers were fun. (P.S. Good money right here for a cell phone or PDA that looks just like a TOS communicator. C'mon, people!)


I want every application to have a function in the About... box that tells all the locations of all the little files that get scattered around, Windows-fashion, upon installation.


I want "tab" in column view to mean "Go to the next column" and Shift-tab to mean "Go to the previous column" so you don't have to use a mouse to select files quickly in column view. Or hit those ridiculously tiny arrow keys.

Okay, that's my list. What have I overlooked? Drop me a note.

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