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Guide to Insecure Computing

Dan Knight - 2003.07.11

I guess there's no reason Apple or Unix would ever have to launch a "secure computing" initiative, but recent news about Windows computers being hijacked to send spam and host porn pages shows just how big the problem is.

Yet most Windows users don't seem to understand how insecure their computers are, let alone how inadvertently allowing their computers to be used by spammers and pornographers could land them in court or jail.

To help them understand their situation, we present the Lite Side's

Guide to Insecure Computing

Windows: Insecure Computing for the Masses

Windows: Share email viruses, worms, malware

Windows: Hijacked by spammers since 2002

Windows: The OS hackers love to hack

Windows: A threat to homeland security

Windows: Profitability for anti-virus companies

Windows: 80,000 viruses can't be wrong

Windows - A worm? A virus? Who cares

Windows: So simple even a child can hack it

Windows vulnerabilities: Gotta exploit 'em all

Windows: Making the Net a Dangerous Place

Windows: Now with free porn sharing hacks

Windows: It shares without your permission

Windows: The OS the RIAA wants to hack

Feel free to use these slogans on your website or as taglines. Help Windows users know how dangerous their choice of OS is.

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