The Lite Side

Dell Dude Like Busted

- 2003.02.18

First Dell lowers itself to having Stephen push their computers with "Dude, you're getting a Dell," then sacks him, and then the poor actor gets busted for possession of marijuana.

Is this too easy or what?

Some rapid-fire thoughts upon hearing the news:

Dell Dude Demands Drugs

Commercial: Dude, uhhhhhh . . . Dude! Uhhhhhh . . . line? I kinda forgot my uh . . .line.

Dell Computers: Processors hot enough to light your Mary Jane

News: Dell Computer popularity soars as extra special "desiccant" discovered in shipping crates.

"Dude, you got a cell!"

Girlfriend to Spider-Man: "Your web's pretty neat, but Steven's rope is made of hemp."

Stephen to NY Cop: "Dude, I can get you a sweet deal on a Dell if you kinda just let me off with a warning...."

Walleyed Wunderkid Wants His Wacky Back

Advertisement: See More Dell Dimensions with our Mind-Altering Tetrahydrocannabinalution computer

Newswire: New, friendly, it-doesn't-harm-anyone Dellusion released

Advertisement: New Sales offer from Dell: Buy one, get like 25 free

Mike Dell Hires Steven to Cut the Grass

Computer Magazine: Wizards are all Smoke and Mirrors - Mostly Smoke

Dell Dope Picked up for Buying Dope

Newswire: Dell launches new commercial to compete with "Mini Me and Yao" entitled "Dell Dude and MJ"

NewsWire: New EZ-Bake Dell with built-in brownie baking drawer helps cool CPU

Dell Dude claims marijuana use is medical, reduces stress of using Windows

Study: Dell Computers are the gateway to the Dark Side. Just try one. You can quit using Dell whenever you want

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