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March 20, 2000 - Dan Knight - Tip Jar

On the Web, no resource is exhaustive. I reviewed the leading iBook and PowerBook resources on Monday. The following sites were submitted by readers., a.k.a. RD's PowerBook Page, is primarily a resource site. It has profiles of the various PowerBooks, along with commentary - much like I do on Low End Mac. It's obviously a hobby site, evidenced by the lack of ads and use of free webspace, but that's how I got my start, too. is a good resource. If you're looking for information and opinion on PowerBooks or advice on what they can do, you'll want to visit.

Site design is what most sets RD's PowerBook Page from the sites in the earlier review. The content is all there, but the design isn't nearly as polished as the more commercial sites. There's a fair bit of design inconsistency, although there are also some very nice ideas. Despite the fact it's a bear to print, the use of white text on a rich blue background for computer profiles looks better than it sounds. And if you find the type a bit small, you can make it larger in iCab or Internet Explorer by clicking the Larger button.

iBook-User (July 18, 1999)

iBook-User claims to be the first iBook site, beating iBook Zone by three days. It's a site that just recently came to my attention, and it seems to specialize in links to iBook information on other sites.

Site layout is clean and quick-loading. Text is displayed in Verdana at the default size set in your browser. Text can be reduced or enlarged in iCab and Internet Explorer usings the Smaller and Larger buttons.

I've been visiting daily, sometimes finding some interesting new links.

iBook Planet

I received a thank you from the publisher of iBook Planet after he read Monday's article in which I called the design "cluttered, unprofessional, and incomplete." He acknowledged the problem and said he would take immediate steps to upgrade the site's appearance.

I've been visiting daily since then, but see no change. My conclusion remains, "iBook Planet is a helpful site, but the cluttered look works against it being perceived as a quality site."

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