Nikon 35mm AF SLRs

I shot mostly Minolta from about 1973 through roughly 1997. By the end of that era, I was finding my pictures were consistently a bit out of focus, especially in low light. It was time for an autofocus (AF) SLR.

I did my homework. Knowing the only fixed lens I really wanted was an 85mm f/1.8 or so, I compared Canon, Nikon, Minolta, and the rest. Everyone made nice expensive 85/1.4 lenses, but only Nikon had an 85/1.8 in their repertoire. That clinched it for me.

After further research, I chose the Nikon N6006 and the original Tamron 28-200 zoom as my starting point, acquiring both through usenet (this was before eBay). I added a Sunpak flash and 50mm f/1.8 normal lens in fairly short order, chose the Vivitar Series I 19-35 zoom when it first shipped, and finally found the finances for the long-sought 85/1.8 in early 2001.

I recently picked up a used N4004 on the cheap, a camera I knew practically nothing about. Learning about the oft maligned N4004 led to my creating this part of Digigraphica.

More recently I acquired an F90x, the international version of the N90s, at a price too good to pass by.

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