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Apple's Top 10 of 2002 - Plus 2 More

- 2002.12.17 - Tip Jar

The year 2002 was one of the most active in recent memory for Apple. Here is The Practical Mac's list of the top 10 most significant Apple-related events - plus two bonus events.

12. No more Dell dude!

Dude, you're fired! Money saved will be used to market Dell's latest addition to its product line, the iPod.

11. No more Gateway cow!

First they left South Dakota for the sunny beaches of San Diego, now they are moving away from the distinctive black and white packaging. Guess the cows were just out of place in Coronado.

10. QuickBooks for Mac OS X

With the Mac's resurgent popularity, Intuit announces it will issue a long-overdue update of QuickBooks for the Mac. The new version will run natively in OS X.

9. Motorola (finally) delivers

In January, Apple introduced a new line of Power Mac G4s. The top of the line model featured dual 1 GHz Motorola G4 processors.

8. Apple introduces the Xserve

The industry's first 1U dual processor RISC server supports up to 480 GB of internal storage, one or two 1 GHz G4 CPUs, dual gigabit ethernet, RAID, hot swappable drives, and remote management while running Mac OS X Server. Within six months of introduction, Apple is the number five server manufacturer in the world in terms of units shipped. With rave reviews from all segments of the IT industry, the Xserve could turn out to be the most important factor in Apple's bid to increase market share.


7. The Apple Stores

Apple continued opening company stores at a breakneck pace. Store total over 50 and counting.

6. eMac

Its form factor is essentially that of a 17" CRT iMac (had there ever actually been such an animal). At press time, the entry-level eMac was selling for $999, an unheard-of low price for a Mac with a G4 processor.

5. A Return to Moore's Law

Just over six months after delivering the 1 GHz PowerMac G4, Apple introduces a dual-1.25 GHz model. What will 2003 hold?

4. PowerBook reaches 1 GHz G4, gets SuperDrive

The PowerBook G4 is viable as a no-compromise desktop replacement. This speed demon also features the ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 graphics with 64 MB of video memory.

3. iBook for under $1,000

The entry-level iBook is also selling for $999 at press time. An Apple portable for less than $1,000 should help boost market share.

2. Switch!

Apple finally takes the "in your face" approach that many observers have been hoping to see for years and launches a full frontal assault on Windows. Trade in your blue screen of death for that Unix workstation you have always wanted!

And the top event of 2002 is (drum roll, please)...

1. Flat-Panel iMac

It has been rumored since shortly after the introduction of the original iMac in 1998. In 2002, the rumors become fact.

The Practical Mac will be taking the next two weeks off for a Holiday break. We will return on Jan. 7, 2003. In January, we will be bringing you hands-on reviews of the new entry-level iBook as well as a Mac speech-recognition product. Happy holidays to all our readers!

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