PowerBooks & iBooks

PowerBook Duo Series

Apple invented the dockable, lightweight laptop with the 68030-powered PowerBook Duo 210 and 230 in October 1992. By eliminating a lot of ports and features not needed in the field, Apple kept the weight down to 4.2 lb. To use SCSI, a floppy drive, etc., you simply connected the PowerBook Duo to one of Apple's DuoDock's or a third-party dock.

One year later, the Duo 250 added an active matrix display and longer battery life - 2.5 hours in the field. At the same time, the 270c gave us the first PowerBook Duo with a color display.

May 1994 saw the introduction of the Duo 280 and 280c, which used the more powerful 68040LC CPU.

The last model, the Duo 2300c, was introduced in August 1995. It was the only Duo to use a PowerPC CPU. It was also the heaviest Duo at 4.8 lb.