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Apple Offers OS X Deal to Beta Reporters

Daniel Knight

It's been a big question on various mailing lists - and not just the OS X lists. Would Apple offer beta testers some sort of discount on the full release version of Mac OS X?

Here's the answer, which indicates that beta testers who provided feedback will receive a $30 discount if they order through the Apple Store with a special code.

Dear Daniel Knight,

Thank you for being one of the pioneers who beta tested Mac OS X. Your feedback has helped make Mac OS X the world's most advanced operating system. To show our appreciation, we are offering you a $30 discount on the final version of Mac OS X.* You will also be among the first to receive Mac OS X when it ships on March 24, 2001. Again, thanks for helping to make Mac OS X the world's most advanced operating system.

Please use the following link <removed> when purchasing your copy of Mac OS X to receive your discount.

Apple Software Engineering

FAQ button (

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* Can only be used for purchases made through the Apple Store.

This is a very good thing for those of us who tried OS X Beta and provided Apple with feedback - and a reminder to beta testers that the whole point of a beta program is feedback, not just playing with the latest software or gadget.

It's also a clever move for Apple, since they don't have to share the profits of up to 75,000 OS X sales with dealers. How our $99 price compares with dealer cost is something I don't know, but this will provide another cash infusion to Apple before the end of the fiscal quarter.

Now that I have a computer that can run it (I had to try the beta on the computer I used at work), I'll definitely be ordering a copy before March 24.

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