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The Hatemail Letters

Daniel Knight - 2002.11.11 -

Independent websites such as Slashdot, The Register, Wired, Mac Observer, and Low End Mac strongly advocate free speech on the Internet and often publish or link to content when free speech rights are under attack. Our most recent essay on the subject was Charles W. Moore's Speech Is Either Free or It Isn't.

But whether we're dealing with the Council of Europe making "hate speech" illegal or a Mac user trying to prescribe the limits of what may and may not be posted on Low End Mac, the freedom of all to hold and express their own opinions in public is under fire.

The good news is that one person can make a difference. One person's vision created a site that extols the value of older Macs. And one other person is out to destroy it.

I was going to let things lie after publishing Hatemail on September 30, but when I checked me email this morning, I learned that a significant site sponsor is considering pulling ads from our site because of Rick Bauer's smear campaign against Low End Mac.

I received dozens of email in response to the hatemail piece, and the vast majority strongly supported our providing a forum where Mac users can dialog on such issues. To help our sponsors understand what our readers think, we are publishing the emails below, both pro and con.

We appreciate the diversity of opinions represented in these letters.

Hi Dan,
In response to your piece on Mr. Bauer trying to destroy Low End Mac I have to say, shame on him. I agree completely with your arguments. However, having said that, I would like to point out that I did feel the timing of Mr. Moore's original piece on the sniper was ill-timed. I live in the Washington, DC area and I was living under the fear of going outside or pumping gas, etc. I felt that the piece was an exploitation by Mr. Moore of a tragedy that he was thousands of miles away from in order to sell his religious/political/moral views and I didn't appreciate it. I realize that I did not have to read the article and I do not condemn Low End Mac or you for posting the article. I would ask though that in the future you and Mr. Moore take into account that the events written about may be too raw and too recent for such commentary. The article would have offended me less had it been written at the conclusion of John Mohammad's trial or his execution than to have written it now. You will receive no threats from me about your site or about no longer reading your site. I find Low End Mac to be a useful resource and along with the Washington Post it is the site I visit the most. I will also continue to read Mr. Moore's material, as I find his Mac material to be very useful to anyone struggling to adapt to OS X. I ask that perhaps in the future you consider delaying publication of such material though or at the very least publish counter views in a separate article instead of just by having Mr. Moore publish his email.
Thank you,
Tony Torres

Keep on including the variety you have been choosing.
I enjoy Mr. Moore's thoughtful essays and hope they continue. If they should change venue, please advise me of the new location.
I wonder if I should write Mr. Rick Bauer and express my dissatisfaction with his attempts to curtail my freedom?
Thank you,
Paul Stamsen

I am sure that if you, Charles Moore and myself sat down we would find something to disagree about. However I very much appreciate the comments that have been published on this site. Please inform your advertisers that I am encouraging my friends and family who are Mac users and some who are not to visit the site and subscribe to the lists.
It is an interesting observation that certain anti-Christian philosophical view first start off demanding a place to be heard in the name of free speech. After a while they gain some confidence and demand that Christian philosophies be silenced as offensive contrary to free speech. These people are hypocrites and for what ever reason are attacking and undermining society. It appears there religious ideas are blinding them to the consequences of their beliefs and actions.
BTW LEM is a great site and resource I am sorry I only discovered it a few weeks ago.
Kenneth Metcalfe

Just a quick note regarding the articles in question - I applaud your willingness to publish them and your perspective. The inclusion of well-chosen, relevant articles of a "non-mac" nature only increases the appeal of your site, not diminishes it. My life and interests transcend that of merely computers...
While I don't always completely agree with the perspectives offered, I acknowledge the benefit of having my thinking challenged by a logical argument. If my thinking and opinion can't stand up to challenge, perhaps it is time to reassess my thinking, not attack the source of the provocative article.
Stand firm. You are doing the right thing in a world where that is increasingly rare. I appreciate your site and the service to the Mac community that it offers, in an increasingly broad manner.
Regards, Kent Wieland

I recently found your excellent website and wanted to respond to the email from Rick Bauer.
I too am a Christian raised in the Presbyterian church and I have a very hard time believing that Mr. Bauer is the same. Your response to his hate-mail was right on the money.
I subscribe to many email lists, but yours is the most anticipated. I love to read Charles Moore's articles and I'm glad that your not capitulating to the ludicrous rantings of one individual. There are many right thinking people out there who, like yourself, support free-speech no matter what the cost. I will gladly support your advertisers and this website. Keep up the great work.
Feel free to forward this to your advertisers.
Robert Larsen

Mr. Knight,
It sure is sad to see such intolerance. It's funny how People who are Liberals seem the most closed minded to views that don't coincide with their own. Remember my friend, tares grow amongst the wheat.
Grant Streng

Greetings Dan,
I just read your latest musings, and I would like to share my view (as I am sure many others will ;-)
As a liberal and a non-christian, I find Charles Moore's religious ranting either offensive or laughable (depends on what he writes). I also find most of his writing informative and very useful. I always at least skim his columns. With full and prior knowledge that there may be opinions that I will find distasteful. I have not found the balance he has achived to be a reason to stop reading his column, I just stop reading when he goes there.
Mr. Moore usually puts a "religious alert" inline before he starts, which I find very, very considerate and helpful.
It is his and your choice, and right, to publish what you want. You take the risk of offending your readership, and losing them. It's your risk to take. It's not anyone else's right to try to silence you. It is their right to publish their opinions, and I would challenge Mr. Bauer to put up his own site, if he feels that strongly. I suspect you would even link to it on occasion.
I too would prefer more mac oriented info, and less social, I have a slew of social sites I read for that purpose. But, I am a savvy computer user, I can close a window if I find material I don't wish to read. I find the information on your site very very helpful, and well worth weeding through occasional religious commentary.
Most liberals would support your right to disagree with them, and publish it. I do.
Keep up the good work. Do what's right for you.
------------------------------------ "Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are good is like expecting the bull not to charge because you are a vegetarian." - - Anon
Scott Frey

Hello, I just wanted to lend a sympathetic voice to a mail, I have been a loyal reader since '98-this site was even kind enough to publish my suggestions on changing OS X once (and probably helped a lot when some of those features actually got added, thank you *very* much for that- I haven't thanked you before)
And yes, I was taken aback by the articles, but you know what? - they made me think- I am quite a left leaning person, but reading the articles I found that there is some I disagree with, and some I agree with- by reading and thinking i learned something, and it is a shame that one man, (judgement quite possibly clouded by political grief) had to attack free expression like this.
I hope that things turn out well.
David Getzin

Hi Dan,
Just thought I'd drop a note of encouragement for your excellent site. I read all the stuff that Rick Bauer wrote to you and your advertisers. I gotta tell you, he is the only kook in this story. As to the argument that this site should only be about Macs, when did they pass a law that said you had to pigeon-hole your web site. Last I heard this was still a free country. That means that you can put whatever you want on your website. Even if you call it Low End Mac, you are still free to post articles on Italian cooking if you want. It is your site. To draw an analogy to a different medium, no one would argue that a newspaper should not be allowed to publish computer articles just because their main thing is political news. Furthermore, in my opinion, I have more respect for an author that can demonstrate that he is not just a one-trick pony. Charles Moore, whether you agree with him or not, has demonstrated that he has a very fine mind and knows how to use it in other topics beside computers. This doesn't offend me. It gives me more confidence in his ability to write truthfully and accurately on his main topic of computers.
Thanks again for a great site.
Scott Francken

Dear Dan
I am a dedicated Mac fan who reads LEM several times a day. I also spend my Mac dollars at the advertisers on your site. I support your decision to write about and comment on relevant happens. This applies to those of Charles Moore as well. You will continue to have my support, so will your advertisers.
Sincerely Chris Chow

Hi Dan.
I've been on your lists for about 4 years now, ever since I got a mac. Lowendmac is one of the couple sites I visit every day, and your mailing lists have gotten me out of a number of mac-tastrophes. To be honest, some of Mr. Moore's articles, to me, have seemed inflammatory and/or offensive. And while I initially resented them being on such a great Mac site, I realized that you're the boss, it's your show, and you should be able to put up whatever articles you felt were fit for publishing.
I'm sorry if my vote of confidence was a little convoluted, but I hope knuckleheads like Mr. Bauer don't discourage you from running a great site.
Thanks, Ed Stevens

I agree completely with Matt Zehe.
Magne Lindholm

I just finished reading your article titled "Hatemail" (HYPERLINK "" musings/02/1030.html) and I wanted to send you a note of support, and comment on the decisions that are part of running any website.
I've been a daily reader of LowEndMac for almost four years. I've supported the site monetarily when I could, and I send Mac users looking for trustworthy Mac-related content to your site with complete faith that they will find what they need (and continue to visit). Many of my Mac-using friends, including Mac professionals (IT Managers, network administrators, technical support representatives, and developers) also rely on your site, and evangelize it to end-users.
I completely agree with your reaction to Rick Bauer's emails. His messages betray his true motivations for writing - he disagreed with the content of the articles ñyet he attacks your right as a publisher to print them. I'm sure your advertisers will recognize his messages as the whinings of an upset reader, and ignore them.
Personally, I have only read the first of Charles W. Moore's articles on these topics. In some ways, I concur with Matt Zehe, in that those types of stories are not the reason I come to LEM. I, however, have no problem simply refraining from reading them. I respect your right to publish whatever you see fit ñ even if I disagree (isn't that the core of "free speech?").
I like the idea of a separate site for political & cultural discussion. I trust the quality of the articles would remain as high as they have been on LEM. In fact, I imagine I might have to add another bookmark to my daily rounds of the web.
Keep up the good work!
Garrett W. Hodgson

I agree with Matt Zehe. I visit your site for the info it provides about Macintosh computers, period. I have read maybe a couple of the "articles" by Charles W. Moore, and found that I personally believe him to be an obviously well-educated and verbose nut-case with deep-rooted issues of insecurity. His rhetoric is strikingly similar to that of many hate-mongers of the world, using selected factoids to convince others that his view is the only possible correct one. Everyone who thinks otherwise is wrong, and thus the root of all evil in the world. I find his views alarmingly full of crap, and quickly determined he wouldn't get my time. Worse, people like him are pretentious, tedious and boring to read, and I don't need an internet site supposedly about computers to find that. We have active Klan groups right here in Missouri to amuse us with similar diatribes. Mostly, I just don't want to waste my time with his viewpoints. I want to read info about Macs. You're absolutely correct that I don't have to read his tripe, and I don't. As a communicator, I feel you should understand that I subscribed to your newsletter because it linked to articles on a site focused on Macintosh issues. Now that you prominently feature his controversial "column" and it's fallout in your newsletter (it was second and third in the list of this morning's story links), you paint a target on yourself and your site for the people he apparently seeks to outrage. I believe you should get your priorities for LowEndMac in order. If you want to be a Macintosh site as advertised, great... I'm all for it. If you want to be a Macintosh site with links to one-sided, borderline-offensive hate philosophy, that's your right. But I personally have no use for that portion of it, and feel it's a big mistake to promote Moore's rhetoric so heavily in your newsletter to Mac users. You complain bitterly when people he offended want to react against you. While it's completely within your rights to feature his opinion on your site and in your newsletter, you surely have to understand that it's within the rights of the people he offends to encourage your advertisers and viewers to look somewhere else less controversial. It's what happens when you offend people with your content, and they were obviously offended that much because that's what they did. In a bad economy, the last thing I'd want to do is piss off the people who took the time to come to my website. You could easily start a site called "LowEndMentalProcesses" and Moore could be the star. But going off in too many weird directions from the central topic isn't the way to get loyal Mac info seeking viewers to keep coming back to LowEndMac. It's just my opinion on why I'd can his column from LowEndMac, and it's your site to run or ruin, but as a Marketing manager for a $170 million/year company with over 2,000 web pages trying to get viewers' eyeball time, it isn't how we go about it. Respectfully, Ron Hoeltge

i agree with others on his issue-stop publishing your bigoted christian fanatic crap on what is supposed to be a mac website.
there are many other websites suitable for such ravings.

I appreciated your article today titled "Hatemail". Its really too bad that the individual slamming LowendMac doesn't understand freedom of speech nor make a distinction between exchange of ideas and real threats of vengeance (like his). I've read many articles on your site, both computer-related and religious, and have learned quite a lot. Hey, I even disagree with some of the writers' views at times- oh my! But I've never seen anything that was "hateful" or worth condemning, such as threats to an individual's life or livelihood. I'm Presbyterian too, and love the Lord's doctrines of grace. Please keep up the good work, Dan.
Thanks, Mark Bailey

I'm writing in reference to Mr. Bauer's emails making threats to you and your advertisers regarding the articles posted on your website by Mr. Moore.
I actually take offense to Mr. Bauer's actions and threats. Granted, I agree with much of what Mr. Moore writes but I would be just as offended if Mr. Bauer was making threats against a web site owner's opposite views.
This is your website and I can take it or leave it if I don't like what I read. If someone doesn't like the content, go elsewhere. I personally would avoid sites that posted more opposite views than mine, but I would not threaten them with action against their advertisers unless they were making obvious physical or terroristic threats, etc.
Mr. Bauer actions show how hypocritical many liberals can be. As long as you agree with them, you can say all you want. However, disagree and you lose your freedom of speech in their view.
Keep up the good work and know that there are more than likely more of us that look at the good you do and if offended would let you know and not visit any more if it didn't change but would not make threats against your livelihood with your advertisers.
Thanks for your site!
Brad Jordan

Mr. Knight,
I wanted to thank you for publishing Chas. Moore's articles. Being a Christian myself, it is affirming to find other people with similar views on Macs, religion, and politics. But even if I weren't, I think I would be appreciative of your recognition that even "Mac geeks" do not live in a vacuum. We live in a real world, with real people, with real beliefs that span a very diverse range of viewpoints. Culture, politics, and religion are all relevant in our daily lives. I, for one, am glad that Mr. Moore has the conviction to write about such topics and that you have the courage to publish them in this "PC" culture.

Hi Dan ! I know your busy so I'll keep it short ! Keep Up The Excellent Work!
I enjoy all the articles that are posted on LEM and find other peoples points of view
fascinating Jeff W

Having just read the webpage concerning the e-mails you have received from Mr. Bauer, I am simply aghast. Personally, I enjoy the stimulating articles (whether I agree with them or not) you publish on lowendmac - so much so I have previous chosen to subscribe to the site.
Where have we come in this country when viewpoints represented by historic, long-standing perspectives suddenly become "hate speech"? It was interesting to be in Minneapolis this past week during the memorial service for Senator Wellstone. Trent Lott, who represents a differing viewpoint from Senator Wellstone was actually booed during the 3 plus hour political "memorial" service (covered non-stop and commercial free by local media). Somehow, I don't think the Senator would have been impressed.
May I affirm you as the editor and webmaster of this site, and encourage you to continue to offer thought-provoking editorials. You'll have my support and patronage!
Sincerely, Gary Harrison

Hi Dan and Charles -
I have to admit I didn't read the article that got Rick Bauer's skivvies in a bunch, but I certainly intend to spend more time on your site now that I have a better idea what your viewpoints are. I certainly appreciate your views and especially enjoy seeing a liberal ass-wipe being exposed for his ill-conceived efforts. I'll keep it short and just want you to know that you've gained a closer following from this reader.
Best regards, Mike Schienle

Dan and Charles;
I applaud you both, 1) For voicing your views and 2) For standing behind them.
Too many times, there are "Christians" that are offended by what they read because it takes them out of their comfort zone and makes them look at the most hideous thing they have ever seen: their TRUE selves. These are the Sunday Christians that probably read your site after church and are offended by it because they are being very "Godly" that day, and you made them realize that it just ain't so. They love to tear down those that might actually make sense.
Another possibility is that these people are not really Christians and that they just want to talk about how bad your site and words are, because your views are potentially harmful. We had a recent incident where our pastor talked about Islam not being Christianity, and that they were going to Hell. A few people took exception to that, and wrote to our conference leadership to complain about our pastor who was putting down Islam and ALWAYS talked about Jesus. Sorry, that's his job. Much as it is your job to share your views, even if there are those that might not agree. If you're Christian, then it's your job to share the Good news.
Additionally, too many people that are non-Christians don't like it when Christian views are touted, because they feel like we are condemning and judging them because of their own guilt. We don't need to say much, it's all on them.
To close, it's these above reasons, and more, that keep Christians from talking much. Too much of needing to have a PC (Politically Correct, not the Wintel type) attitude. It's these things, and more, that keep Christianity in the background and other religions in the foreground. Too much feel good relativism. If it feels good, do it. If it don't feel good, belittle, deny, mock and harangue it in the hopes it will go away.
Greg Hoffman
By the way, I am a youth pastor, technician and webmaster, so I read your site for many reasons, and thank you for every one of them, even the ones I disagree with.

Although I am not in support of Mr. Bauer, I do think he had a glimmer of a point.
I see the tone of LowEndMac changing. It has been becoming less of an objective site and more of a big personal web site. I am not implying that this is a bad thing, only that I am noticing it.
Professional detachment and focus seems to be going away. The site seems to be more of an open forum for what you consider interesting or important rather than a "professional resource for classic Mac information views and opinions".
Simply put, In my opinion, you should have set Mr. Moore's articles apart from the normal LowEndMac pages. Maybe a different color scheme and definately a different layout. Why? To make it clear this was not a Classic Mac article. Why? Links to other sites tend to be treated in the minds of viewers as other venues, different context.
In short the context of LowEndMac hurt the understanding of Mr. Moore's and some of your articles. Context is important in at least my understanding and appreciation. A link with a different look and feel than LowEndMac would have helped a great deal.
I respect your views as well as Mr. Moore and even agree with many. I just have a hard time with the credibility of a Classic Mac site discussing those topics. Consider the articles of Mr. Moore and yourself being published in "the Advocate", "the Economist", "W", "HOW", "Style" and "the National Enquirer". Each publication read by the same person would come off slightly if not drastically different.
enough rambling.

I saw your comments in the banter with Rick Bauer. I heartily support you and Charles and LowEndMac. Hang in there.
Phil Shepard

I, for one, appreciate people who recognize that business can't be separated from moral issues, and who are willing to talk about both in the same forums and be up front about it.
I don't agree with everything published at lowendmac, of course, technical or otherwise. But I'd sure be disappointed if you decided to be silent.
Joel Rees

Dan -
I just wanted to sound off on the subject of C.W. Moore's recent articles and the responses you've been getting to them.
You can publish whatever you want. If the naysayers dislike the opinions presented by your writers, they can stop reading the opinionated material and/or stop visiting your site.
I, for one, will keep reading LEM until ALL of the useful Mac-related material has been replaced with feminist critical commentaries on the "1984" commercial or other such diatribes (so far the only person demonstrably capable of producing such content is Anne Onymus, and I don't expect anything serious or heavy-handed from her soon).
I don't think there's a need to start some new Cobweb site.
Derik Stiller

As you can tell from the email address, I am one of the evil minions. Seriously though, I just love computers - any kind. More to the point. Thanks for the incredible website. You have forgone all the fancy graphics and animations for intelligent and provoking articles, humorous observations, and technically excellent material. I don't always agree with the editorial-type pieces, but I always enjoy them. The bravery it takes to view observations contrary to our own is what makes us grow.
With that I approach the "Rick Bauer" letter. I haven't written to LEM despite desires to, but this just threw me over the edge. Rick Bauer is obviously way out of his element here. I didn't think that you made house calls, holding a gun to the heads of web surfers, making them read every article. Damn, that must be why I surf those sites I may not agree with - "Dan is making me do it!" Wow, I can thrust aside any personal responsibility and blame it on you! That is so cool. I guess Rick can't think for himself, yet wants to think for "the rest of us."
I checked out the website where he works (the Web makes stuff so easy.) On the scholarship page, their founder is holding a cigarette. Since I don't smoke, should I bitch to his company that they sell advertising and shouldn't influence people to smoke. I mean he is smoking on the scholarship page! See Bauer, we can all be as narrow minded as you!
This last bit is an open letter to Bauer. Hey Bauer, by imposing your narrow minded opinion of what is publishable you insult those of use that enjoy and (gasp) may agree with the viewpoints of the writers. Stop trying to tell Dan what he can and can't publish. Two things - Dan never said this site was Mac Only and last time I checked, you didn't own LEM. Get off your high horse. Go sell some advertising or tip some cows or whatever you people in DesMoines do........
Keep up the great work Dan. Yours is a labor of love, maybe that guy IS that miserable with his own life.

Hi Dan,
I don't like Charles' opinions. When he talks about Mac OS X I feel he's an aged antiquarian wishing for the nightmare-of-reboots-that-was-OS9. When he talked about 11/9, he was derogatory to the Nation of Islam and ignored the evils perpetuated by Christian men. When he talked about Apple I often felt that he was missing the point. I guess I just disagree with all of his religious and moral viewpoints and quite a few of his Mac related ones.
The end result was..I stopped reading articles by him. The sectarian opinions were just too much for me to bear calmly so I just stopped reading them. I used to email and debate them but quickly found, like with all discussions with fundamentalists, it got no-where quickly. I get enough religious bigotry from watching the news.
This affected me on two of my favourite sites: LEM and Applelinks. I still read Applelinks because John Farr and Kirk Hiner are still entertaining. I still read LEM because of the variety of articles and because I like YOUR writing.
Do I like columnists with opinions. Sure.
Do I abhor censorship? Yes.
Do I think that LEM should cover religious articles? No.
I'm not suggesting that LEM use censorship but I'm just wondering why articles like that were on a "Mac" site. To put it into context, I live in Northern Ireland and run the N.I. Mac User Group. We're a cross-community organisation in a province torn by religious bigotry. Despite the fact that BOTH of the visible leaders of the separate camps (Gerry Adams of Sinn Fein and the Reverend Dr. Ian Paisley of the DUP) are Mac users, I've yet to invite them to give a lecture covering their side of the troubles here. I'm not censoring them, they have other avenues to express themselves. NIMUG isn't a political or religious organisation and I think LEM could do well emulate it.
So...I'm sending out two confused messages here.
One to LEM: Keep the content relevant.
One to the readers: No-one forced you to read it.
M Committed Christian, I.T. Guy, MUG Leader and resident of Northern Ireland.

Hi, Dan!
I'm another Rick as well but that's evidently all I have in common with Mr. Bauer.
I've just paypalled $25 to Low End Mac. I'd be interested to know how much financial support Mr. Bauer has managed to garner for your site. He has the potential to be a very effective fundraiser for whatever organization he loathes.
BTW, on the support page (/2014/how-you-can-support-low-end-mac/) the line referring to Kagi contains "Doante" instead of "Donate" and farther down the page the word "preferred" has been misspelled.
Keep on publishing Charles' commentary. I follow his AppleLinks writings "religiously". You've just earned a coveted bookmark spot at the top of OmniWeb.
Sincerely, Rick Baggarley

That was a wonderful rebuttal to the hatemail you received. You know, I also come to Low End Mac to receive computer news as well, and, admittedly, I skip the non computer related articles.
But I never thought about writing to complain that you had articles I don't feel like reading. Heck, I don't even read every computer related article you have, especially ones that pertain specificially to Mac models that I don't own (and I have about 12 of them, starting from a 512KE). But I do read the ones that I think will interest me.
Same with MacSurfer (another favorite site of mine). There are some sections that frankly bore me, but you know, it takes just about zero effort on my part to skip them. No big deal.
Keep up the great work on the site!
Thanks, David Findley

Dear Dan,
I am an avid reader of the Low End Mac web site (I check it daily) and subscriber to the G- and StarMax Lists. When I first began to read the articles posted on the site, I read everything, including Charles W. Moore's column. After reading several of his columns, I decided that his subject matter did not interest me. So I stopped reading his columns. As simple as that. I wonder if Mr. Bauer ever considered this tactic? As you noted, no one is forced to read Mr. Moore's column.
I disagree with the views held (and expressed) by many people, but I never have, and never will, dispute their right to hold and express those views. The actions of the inflexible, who attempt to eliminate (or squash the expression of) any views not in lock step with their own, are a threat to the rights granted to all Americans under the First Amendment of the Constitution.
I wonder how Mr. Bauer would react, if you were to publish a religious column by his pastor. Would he still decry the presence of a religious article on LEM.
I believe that you should continue to publish whatever you like. Perhaps you could separate the non-mac articles into a section labeled as being non-mac related, e.g. "Non-Mac News and Discussion".
As Murphy's Law states, "If you try to please everyone, someone won't like it."
I fully support your position in this matter.
Yours, Charlie Smith

i for one think it is important that you have these divergent tracks of thought on your site. i do come to low end mac so see what is up in the mac/computing world. but it is nice to have an article or two about off topic ideas, such as current events or philosophical perspectives. it draws tangents for one to follow and explore ideas that normally wouldn't cross one's mind. wether they agree or disagree it helps people grow (even if they are calling it hate mail). i personally think low end mac would loose depth and substance to publish controvertial topics off site.
and for the record i do disagree with cm about moral relativism. i think it was an evolutionary step for humanity to grow and evolve, to become something better than they were before. without moral relativism we had a world that was dominated by the ruling class's morals, who also thought that their way was the correct way, and squashed everyone else who disagreed. now we have a more open market for morals to grow and propogate through cultures. granted there are tragic events that happen, and people do die, but not as many as would be the case when people disagreed with the ruling class. the problem with a moral absolute is that any moral is always created by a human, thus it is always flawed. but with moral relativism, it becomes more of a social moral created by all individuals. it is not diminated by any one individual, but by all. it is more like a loosely connected democratic religion. a religion that is created by society, to benifit society. after all most religions/philosophies started as ways explain the enviroment to humans. only those groups were smaller and isolated from other groups, that weren't known to exist. now we live in a globally connected world were all these bubbles of prexisting thought exist. instead fo saying that one is better than the other, i think subconciously society is saying that we are going to take the good from all and discard the rest, we are going to evolve to something new and never thought of before. this is probably scary to lots of people, but i think it is one trait that defines our humanity. we grow and change.

Dear Dan Knight,
Keep up the good work. If you're offending someone like this knee-jerk nutcase Rick Bauer you're clearly doing something right. (And your posting of his own letters to you, by the way, does more damage to his case than anything you need to say in reply.)
Cordially, Cliff Crouch

Hi Dan,
Okay, I've dutifully tried to just ignore the latest "culture war" salvos on your site in favor of the actual Mac content, but you and Charles have finally prodded me into a response with the two latest columns - "Hatemail" and "Speech is Either Free or It Isn't."
First let me applaud you for standing your ground and demanding your right to publish what you wish as you see fit. Kudos as well for being unabashed and unapologetic about the biases reflected in your site and in the non-Mac writings that may appear there. (We all assume, and no one seems to mind, the inherent pro-Mac bias that your site has, of course. ;) I wish that more sites, including major media establishments, both left and right, would simply drop the pretense of "unbiased reporting" and do the same.
I also want to express agreement with your disapproval in "Hatemail" for argument via inflammatory rhetoric and for your call for respectful disagreement between those holding opposing viewpoints. You may remember that I e-mailed you some months ago in regard to similar articles by you and Mr. Moore, and also may remember that though I disagreed with much of what you and he had to say, the importance of the dialog and the manner in which you, particularly, handled received criticism led me to become a subscriber.
Mr. Bauer's missives are certainly vindictive in tone and inflammatory in language, and I approve of neither of these. He's obviously a person with issues. But, imagine how disappointed I was, after reading your reasoned and moderated responses to Mr. Bauer, to open up Charles's column and see that his reaction to an unreasonable, and unpleasant, individual involves using vitriol, inflammatory rhetoric, and unfounded generalizations.
A few snippets from Charles's column: - "political correctness mob" - "left-wing political cleansing squads and tribunals" - "the altar of thought-control" - "'sensitivity training' brainwash sessions"
In your own words, "Using such incendiary terms is not a good way to win people to your viewpoint, or even to have them take you seriously." He does settle down a little for the last half of the column and makes some very good points about the need for unpopular ideas to be allowed inclusion in the arguments of the day. But, it is hard to reconcile this, very laudable, goal with his opening language. In fact, one finds it hard to interpret such an obviously emotional response as anything but a blatant attempt to cow and shame his opposition into silence - the very same tactic employed, though with less linguistic flair, by Mr. Bauer.
Charles cannot have it both ways. He opens by saying, "Either speech is free, or it isn't," but the rhetoric that follows betrays the very same desire to suppress that he is ostensibly arguing against.
Further, while not wanting to imply agreement with Mr. Bauer's opinions, or his hotheaded tactics, his method does seem to need a little defending. Writing to advertisers and asking them to reconsider their association with and patronization of a group that one is opposed to is not an exercise in censorship. While one is free to hold and express whatever opinion one wishes, it does not follow that one has any right to be compensated or subsidized for that opinion, or that the broader society at large is under any obligation to provide a forum for the expression of said opinion. You have every right in the world to publish what you see fit on, but advertisers have no obligation to support you to do it. Likewise, patrons of those advertisers have every right to express their displeasure with the advertisers' association with a group or individual they find offensive.
A community or individual may not have any moral right to demand that a person change their mind, i.e., their thoughts, or stop expressing their opinions about any particular topic (censorship). But they are free to engage in a demonstrated rejection of the thoughts and arguments of said person (censure), as doing so is an aspect of their own personal freedom of speech and association. In other words, I have no right to tell you what you can or can't say, but I have every right not to listen to you and to advocate that others ignore you as well. Mr. Bauer's personality is abrasive and unpleasant, but he has as much right to his speech as does Mr. Moore.
(And you have the right to tell him to go take a flying leap. Mr. Bauer is unlikely to win any friends with your advertisers or Apple. His "sparkling" personality and the demonstrable worth that provides to the Mac community should assure that.)
One final note in regards to Charles Moore's actual arguments: I've been entirely dismayed by Mr. Moore's recent articles, but I've not bothered with detailed responses simply because I know it would be an exercise in futility. Charles's recent articles have demonstrated he can be just as reactionary and narrow-minded as any of the "political correctness mob." He constantly sets up straw man arguments, painting everyone outside of the Christian mainstream as "godless amoral humanists." (Good grief, Charles, you would think all us atheists were out shooting up, engaging in sexual orgies, and defiling churches just to pass the time until our sniper rifles arrive via UPS.) He wants to paint all of Islam with the rhetoric of its most extreme factions, while at the same time reserving the right to reject the Christianity of any group or individual who profess a belief in Jesus, but would seem to share fundamental Islam's similarly antisocial characteristics. Finally, his logic is painfully circular: Western civilization is the best, because it is founded on the correctness of Christian morality, and because Christian morality is the most correct, western civilization must be the best.
I don't begrudge you or Charles your faith. Faith can be a great and glorious thing, a true gift for those that have it. But when a person's political argument basically devolves to, "This is right because I have faith that it is right," there is very little point in continuing the debate as the method of argument is no longer based upon reason and evidence. A person may believe a thing because of their faith in Christianity, and that may be all the "proof" they need. (And that is perfectly fine.) But faith should not be conflated with evidence or reason, and dogma should not be confused with argument.
Sorry for the length. Keep up the good work on the site. I remain a loyal, if sometimes repectfully disagreeing, subscriber.
Ed Livingston

Having read your "Hatemail" article I feel compelled to show my support for you by sending this email.
Probably like others, I chose not to read the offending articles because they did not interest me. If an article did offend me then I will voice my reaction in a reasonable manner - not try to silence another person.
It is all too easy for people to forget about "live and let live" in the world we now live in. Silencing another person's opinion just so that one can voice their own is definitely NOT something I support.
E.Y.M. Cheng London, UK
PS. I also believe you should stick to Mac-related articles but what you choose to publish is, ultimately, your own decision. As a reader my choice of reading material is, ultimately, my own. We, supposedly, have the freedom of choice.

Dear Dan,
I consider myself a casual reader of Low End Mac - a couple times a week I peruse the front page to see if there's anything I'd like to read.
When I saw Moore's column on "moral anarchy" and "secular humanism," I clicked and read. I was one of the many who were offended. Since I would call myself a secular humanist, to hear someone say that my alleged "world view" is the source of social evil was bothersome. In my opinion, I don't think Moore really understands what real, card-carrying secular humanists are about. (Nor do I think most religious folks understand secular humanists.) So I emailed and try to express my thoughts in a polite, noncombative way. My email even found a place in the follow-up column, with a short response from Moore.
I can understand the argument that this kind of material doesn't belong on a Mac-centered website. But I don't agree.
As a secular humanist - that is, I don't believe in the supernatural and I think humanity is something that ought to be cultivated - I find the realm of technology an excellent place for philosophical discussion. This is where we come together and work at our tools, to hone them, to weild them more effectively to achieve our human goals. So a Mac website is a good place to sit down and hammer out between us a better understanding of those goals.
As a Mac user, I say the same, and moreso. One of the major reasons I "switched" a couple years ago was the deeper influence of philosophical understanding in the Macintosh. These are not just boxes cobbled together to show off speed and power, the toys of sweaty, subterranean adolescents. These are machines that are honed to work with us. (Granted, we often disagree about how well they have been honed.) When I first got my Tangerine iBook, I even hesitated to call myself a "user." (I've since caved to common practice.) That seemed too Microsoftian. My iBook felt more like a helper, a companion. I could, and still do, envision a day when computers, having become so tuned to humanity, join with us.
The melding of humans and computers is a scary thing to many people. But many others think it is inevitable. Regardless of what the future may hold, however, it is in our best interest to prepare for all possibilities with sincere philosophical reflection. And, for better or for worse, when Apple created its new human interface for the Macintosh back in the early '80s, it set us on the road to computers as companions.
So, in my opinion, a Mac website is the perfect place for philosophical, religious, moral, ethical, social, and political reflection. While I rarely agree with Moore, I do think his comments are absolutely appropriate to a Mac website. Perhaps, though, Low End Mac needs a Philosophy channel (like MacInSchool) where these kinds of things could be discussed by Mac people. (See - I didn't want to say "users"!)
As for the folks who want to keep technology sealed off from philosophy and religion, they ought to take a look at what motivates them. We have to be whole, and that means integrating a few decades of computer high-tech with a few thousand years of culture and a few billion years of evolution. Ignoring any of these would be dangerous.
Keep up the nice site.
Peter Wall

Mr. Knight,
It's your web site, publish what you want. I, for one, enjoy your site. Keep up the good work.
Tim Burrington

How apropos that I read thru the rantings of Rick Bauer while listening to "Stuart" by the band "The Dead Milkmen":
You know what they're doing out in Des Moines Stuart?
They're building landing strips for gay martians.
sadly, I've got Bauer's for relatives, thankfully Rick's not one. Wonder if he's any relation to Gary, the right wing religious nut that ran for Pres a couple of years ago.

I am a huge fan of Charles Moore, whom I read religiously (pun intended) on your site and AppleLinks. I would like to affirm your editorial choices and urge you to stand firm against ridiculous people like Rick Bauer. I have very little patience for people like him who want to preempt ideas other than his own. Charles Moore's columns, both Mac-related and otherwise, keep me coming back to this site. Feel free to let your advertisers know _that_. I have a feeling that Charles draws many more people than he drives away. Thanks for good, thoughtful content, whether Mac or otherwise.
Respectfully, Mel Krewall

The Death of Responsibility
But not on your site, thank God. Please, continue to publish whatever you wish, from whatever authors you wish. To say that I agree with everything that you publish on your site would be a lie. (I suspect that YOU do not agree with everything that is published on your site, after all, you do not write all of it.) However, I am one of the few remaining (it would seem) people in the world who think that you have the right to post what you wish on your site. And I have the right to read it, not read it, agree with it, disagree with it, or burst into laughter at the sight of it. (Whether that was the intention or not.) If I disagree with what I read at Low End Mac enough, I will not return to it. I'll vote with my feet, as the saying goes around here. (I wish I could do that with the slate of politicians I have to deal with next Tuesday, however, I would rather THEY did the walking, at least 90% of them. I haven't seen this much mud since I quit playing in swamps. "None Of The Above" would win going away in several races in this state (Alabama). I suspect, if it were on the ballot. Sadly, I suspect this is a nation-wide malady.) But, as a general rule, I have been able to screen the articles by their title as to whether I am up to dealing with them on a given day. No doubt, this is the purpose of the article titles. Whereas I have a great tolerance for a wide range of views, and usually relish them, some days I just don't have it in me, and I don't go there. Apparently, Mr. Bauer is somewhat lacking in discernment in this respect. I could comment on some of his remarks, but as someone much wiser than me once said, "Judge not, lest ye be judged."
There are many, many, "Geek" sites on the Web, filled to overflowing with computer information. Your site has much useful information of a techical nature, and much food for thought, also. Such a combination is rare enough that a single disgruntled, er, "customer" (What is the term for someone who visits a site that costs them nothing, allows them to express their feelings freely, and then dumps all over said site owner/manager? I can think of nothing flattering to call him, so I won't say anything, as my mother taught me.) shouldn't be allowed to interrupt the flow. Keep up the good work. I have been following your site (with great apprecitation) for a long time, and greatly appreciate your efforts and your trials and tribulations. I wish that I could win the lottery (Heck, I wish we HAD a lottery to win here! <G>), or at least get a decent job (just graduated from junior college with an AD in computer science, in this job climate I guess I'm lucky to have a part-time job at low wages and tutoring on the side at the Jr. College, but it would be nice to be programming on a regular basis. Oh well, I'm still working on it.) so I could subscribe and send in some money. After I chew down the credit cards, I will, but my wife, bless her well-employed soul (were making it, barely) would NOT understand or approve. I'll see if I can divert some money though, just got my first paycheck the other day, and maybe I can make a little disappear in your direction. Lord knows, if you charged a penny a hit, I'd owe you about 3 or 4 thousand dollars, and that's just this year. Keep up the good work, and I'll try to get some money your way soon. God knows you'll do better work with it than the *()& politicians will.
Steve Goodwin

I want to be emotional and say these guys are putzes but that would be unkind and an ad hominem attack.
They are self righteous and intimidating. These emails are threatening taunts. I don't like the tactics or the message and like it less that you feel reluctant to run your site as you see fit.
I have largely enjoyed my LEM experience and gained useful Mac knowledge.
I haven't read Mr. Moore's article burt I shall and if I find I disagree with him, well them's the breaks, no one compels me to read it, no one is compelling me to subscribe to his opinion.
In the words of Gen. Joe Stillwell, "Illegitimato Non Carborundum Est."

This was the article I was hoping to read when I logged on to today.
When Mr. (Rev.?) Moore posted his first article on Islam I was a little befuddled about why this was on a site I use to keep abreast of Mac-related issues. After reading the article I strongly disagreed with many of the points and conclusions made in the article, and my long-held perception of LowEndMac as a place to direct customers interested in purchasing older macs was seriously tainted.
After the first "letters" column was posted, I was outraged. Several writers posed valid concerns with Mr. Moore's reasoning, and addressed several flaws and omissions in the column. Instead of taking the opportunity for an exchange, Mr. Moore's responses consisted of ignoring the issues broached, relying instead on memetic techniques such "thought-blockers", and quoting scriptures. It was at this point where I made the same assumption as Mr. Bauer, that at this point there was an "endorsement" of Mr. Moore's views by LowEndMac.
All seemed quiet for a while, and then Mr. Moore's article on moral relativism and the Washington sniper was posted and it was just too much. I had obstained from LEM from then until today, when I was relieved to find this issue addressed in the "Hatemail" article. I appreciate the idea of expanding LEM to include discussions of non-technical issues, but I feel the execution left a lot to be desired. I am relieved by your decision to maintain the focus of LEM, and look foreward to reading your site in the future.
Yours, Terry W.

Hi Dan, (and Charles)
I just want to congratulate you on your article about hate-mail and religious intolerance towards LEM. The person you mention in your article went WAY across the line. It's one thing voicing your opinion (which is the right of every man and woman in a democracy), it's something totally different to start blackmailing people into accepting your ideas. Good thing for voicing your concern about this.
I have to admit that I, too, sometimes found Charles' writings appearing on LEM a bit -let's say- "unfitting". Don't get me wrong. Unlike many people I hear on this debate, I'm GLAD that a Mac site is talking about other stuff -politics, religion, the economy- and refuses to stick its head in the sand. (And I told as much to Charles when mailing him at Applelinks). It's just that -with Charles' view getting most of the air-time- it was a bit one-sided. Strangely enough, I tend to have less issues with Charles writings on Applelinks. Maybe it's because I regard that thing as more of a personal thing for Charles and John Farr. Maybe it's because there's always a healthy discussion in the letter pages on the issues Charles discusses. I guess it's a bit of both.
I have always found Charles to be a very open-minded, friendly man (although we differ day and night in our political and religious views) and I hope this issue will not deter him from writing further articles like the ones on the Beltway sniper. Let me know when you guys put up the "political" site. I'll be glad to join the discussion.
Tom Terryn

I really appreciated your strong editorial response to recent natterings by the uptight Mr. Bauer. I've disagreed several times recently with some of Chas Moore's views, and each time he has taken the time to engage me in highly spirited email exchanges until we both "moved on" to other things. Perhaps Mr Bauer simply needs some Milk of Magnesia... ;)
Bob Friede

First, let me say that I have a lot of respect for your work and your site and support the idea that you (and Mr. Moore) should be allowed to publish your viewpoints on religion, no matter how contrary or unusual or radical or whatever.
But on LowEndMac?
LEM is a computer-oriented website. It's not about religion. And posting articles under the LEM banner strikes me as a bit short-sighted. I'm not surprised you're getting some angry letters. People take religion very seriously and discussion of different religious and societal beliefs always sparks controversy. I just don't think that these types of articles belong on an admittedly Mac-centric site. If LEM were a pseronal weblog, then there'd be an argument for posting whatever you'd like there, but LEM is a site meant for public consumption. Sure LEM may have started as a personal website, but now it's a business.
For what it's worth, I have a problem with Mr. Moore posting religion-based articles on AppleLinks as well.
A better place for this type of article would be
Keep up the good work at LEM, but please consider in the future the ramifications of making LEM less about Macs and more about religion. It certainly makes me less likely to come around.
Damien Barrett

Hello. I just read your article on LEM - wow, what a strange guy to do so much threatening and complaining! I love reading LEM and check it often. As you point out, ANYTHING that a person reads anywhere is solely their choice (as it should be). He certainly did not have to read any article by any contributor to LEM or any other site on the world wide web. I just wanted to thank you for your site and put my 2 cents worth in.
Brian Uhde

I am writing to support your site and your writers and to respond to Mr. Bauer. First of all, your site is regularly visited by me because of the quality of the editorials, including, and prehaps especially, the religious/moral/cultural colomns. I think it's rather ironic that Mr. Bauer blasts you for posting "hateful" material, when his writing is completely hateful and obviously directed at you and the writers for, whereas whatever "hatefulness" you may find in said articles is not personally directed, but rather directed at the actions of certain groups and the lack of morality that is so prevelant today.
Message to Mr. Bauer: If the Cross offends you, find another voice. And why would he care about your advertizing? If he were right, then the "hate speech" eminiating from LowEndMac should be driving away traffic which would make your site unatractive to advertisers. I think, as you have suggested, that he is on some kind of vendetta against you; why that would be, I have no idea. I would call into question his claim to be a devout Christian. I have met very few people who claim to be Christian who also maintain that we should not propegate our views. It is the view of our pastor and members of the church I attend that we must advance our beliefs, and the idea that we should not attempt to advance our beliefs in all area of our lives clearly contradicts the scripture, in my view. This man is clearly one of the new liberal PC police, he has nothing good to say. HE should be ashamed for attacking you like that; yet another example of how intolerant the tolerence movment can be. As for the writings on LEM inciting hate and potential murder, lets get real. Nowhere in Christian dogma do you find encouragement towards violence, and neither do you find it here. Timothy McVeigh was no Christian that I know of, and there hasn't been an abortian doctor killed in years. Contrast that to this: Christians are killed every day in countries like Indonesia, Pakistan, and other Muslim nations.
Please don't let this kind of nonsense distract you. LEM is one of my favorite Mac sites, and I don't want to see that disrupted by someone on the extremist liberal fringe.
William Plowman

I visit your site quite often and find both your content and comments refreshing. I also appreciate Charles Moore's articles. As a Christian, who attends a Presbyterian Church by the way, I was very pleased to see the article from Charles on LEM. I followed the link and enjoyed the read. Not once did I notice the supposed "throwing stuff down my throat." One can only wonder what Rick's problem is with the article. Maybe he is convicted by his lack of conviction to his claimed faith.
Regardless, I would hope that Rick's attempt to manipulate your advertisers falls on deaf ears. I think most advertisers would be able to read Charles' article and find it well written, albiet from a Christian perspective. But it is pretty much impossible to write articles and not let your worldview influence your writings. The Dutch reformer Kuyper was quite unapologetic above his worldview coming through clearly in his articles and yet his readership and influence flourished. May God make it so for yourself and Mr. Moore.
Your response to Mr. Bauer shows your integrity. Keep up the good work!
Kevin Mason

I visit Low End Mac regularly and find it to be interesting, informative, useful, well, everything a good site should be. I like that fact that it moves away from the confines of just low end macs. It gives the site depth and character and brings the writers to life.
As for anyone who was offended, well, I don't seem to remember that being shielded from offense of any kind as being a right. It may be not even be a privilege. In this day and age it might even be a luxury. How very bland the world would be if any attempt was made to shield everyone from any possible offense. Diversity is indeed the spice of life and not much is more diverse than the internet.
I don't want to ramble on here but I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to you all.

Dear Dan,
First off, thanks for running a very informative and enjoyable site. Having said that, I have read Charles Moore's articles and Rick Bauer's emails to your advertisers and I'm afraid I must say that I agree with him completely. It is really not justifiable for you to mix up some very hardline religious beliefs with the mac-related content. My view on this is coloured by my belief that societies which enforce the rigid moral codes Charles endorses are rather unpleasant ones in which to live. That, however is not the issue. If you want to publish this kind of content it would really be more appropriate to place it on a separate page, perhaps linked on the lowendmac sidebar in the affiliates section. Just my two pence, and thanks for all the hard work and info which make using my make a pleasure,
Harry Bulstrode

I know its hard but you have to know that there are plenty of readers who go to your site and support your beliefs. Even if I did not, I would support your right to write as you pleae. We are living in a period in which people are becoming increasing intolerant of any idea that they do not agree with. This is obviously extremely dangerous. Keep on plugging.
Sincerely, Flynn Miller

Mr. Knight,
Thank you for the article from 30 October 2002 entitled "Hatemail". It was very well written and thought provoking, and I thought it made its argument very well.
Just as a little background, I have long thought that Mr. Moore's diatribes are small-minded and come from the exact same fundamentalist mind-set that gives the world Osama Bin Laden and Jerry Falwell. But as you so eloquently argue, Mr. Moore has every right to exposit himself in this way and Rick Bauer's petty efforts to stop Mr. Moore's writing show him to be a hypocrite at best. Nobody is being forced, Clockwork Orange style, to read anything.
Keep up the excellent site,
Trevor Zylstra

Excellent article. Like most readers (probably) I too, look to LEM as a source for information on things Mac, however, I find nothing wrong with Chas. W. Moore's ramblings on other subjects. Even when I disagree with his point, his articles are always well written, and interesting to read.
The beauty of a site like LEM is the selection of articles and information available at any time. No one is "forced" to read anything. Keep up the good work. Nothing Chas. W. Moore has written on non-tech issues would ever affect my purchase decisions.
Jack Russell

Hang in there, I appreciate your views and website. Over the years your site has been a great assist to get and keep me up to date on Macs. the occasional editorial is not distracting to me, as I agree anyway, however, it might be a good idea to have it elsewhere or spcifically flag it as a non mac editorial.

Mr. Knight,
I read your column on Mac Musings on the flak that you have been receiving over Charles W. Moore's recent columns on "Miscellaneous Ramblings", and I have to say that I strongly disagree with the rather vehement opposition that you've received over that.
As a more "liberal" Christian, I have to say that I'm not necessarily fond of Mr. Moore's attitudes towards Islam - at least, not the attitudes that I perceived to be expressed in his article - but nevertheless I did enjoy reading this thoughts on the subject of Islam and Christianity. It's articles like his that give me reason to come to LEM and other sites that offer editorials that don't necessarily have a lot to do with the Macintosh. Some days, I don't feel like reading yet another diatribe on Motorola's mythical G5/Eleven/85xx/75xx processor, or how Apple would be crazy not to use the IBM PPC 970, or how Apple will die if they don't switch to Intel - there are countless other sites on the Mac Web I could go to if I wanted that.
No, I come to Low End Mac not just because it's a good site for Macintosh information and news, but also because they offer a unique perspective on modern issues, a perspective that I'd much rather prefer to what I usually see on CNN and the like. I urge you to keep doing what you're doing - offer a wide spectrum of views by writers who write about everything from 9-11, and the Beltway Sniper, to Apple's sometimes draconian business practices and Steve Jobs.
Keep up the good work. And if anyone doesn't like your site content, well, no one's forcing them to see it. :)
- justin.
"Christ took pity on us and had compassion for us, so why can't we try to have understanding & compassion for ourselves and for each other?" -moby

Seems to me from the couple of things I've read that you are in sync with the Mises Institute folks, who run the Lew website at:
You note that you're considering a website to address non-Mac topics. I'd suggest that you just refer your friends, acquaintances, enemies, whatever to Lew Rockwell. Some of the world's finest minds address these topics - Ph.D.'s in philosophy, history, economics, etc. They also have legal scholars that write for non-attorneys. Newspaper people whose opinion does not fit with the controlled media often make appearances. Not much point in you duplicating their effort, especially since their credentials carry so much weight. Your efforts, no matter how erudite, will always be dismissed by those that don't want to know and those that aren't sure what to believe (the herd) will always be told "what the hell do they know, they write about computers".
Try reading Lew Rockwell for a few weeks and see what you think.
Craig Cox

makes me not want to visit your otherwise interesting site.....sorry Tom Babb

Well, you've heard from *me* regarding Mr. Moore in the past... then I've calmed down.
Yes, I'm one of those that thinks that the site is wholly inappropriate as far as a place to put his (or your) Christian views (or someone else's Buddhist, Pagan, Islamic, or any other religious views.) I don't mind seeing "You can find X-related software" (OK, that sounds bad... but you know what I mean) or "I found this program great for my church, keeping track of the sermons, etc."
That aside... I'm glad to hear you two are talking about possibly another place to put his views. He feels he has something to say, he should have somewhere to say it.
It's interesting to see this now, actually (haven't been to the site for a little while, mostly caring for my disabled wife of late.) I was actually responding earlier on a model building newsgroup to an Australian who was thoroughly confused as to how we could be patriotic, but still criticize the government, the president, etc. The gist of the reply I wrote was that the country and the government are not one and the same, though the form of government *is* one of the defining traits - as is the fact that we *are* free to disagree without fear of having our doors smashed in by political or religious police for saying the wrong thing.
I suppose that's part of the problem I've ended up having with Mr. Moore's - well, editorials. It sounded (to me) a bit too close to the "Christian way or you're wrong!" I ended up dealing with for *far* too long, back when I wrote about it last time. I snapped at you before for it, for which I have to apologize, as otherwise you have a great site for older Mac info. These days, yes, I do just skip anything that sounds like an editorial from him. Saves everyone headaches, all 'round.
This is getting to be sort of a late-night ramble - sorry about that. I just had to throw my comments into the mix, I suppose. I'll continue coming to the LEM site for mac info... might even let you know if I manage to get OS/2 working on a Perf640... one of my next projects.
Eric McCann

DK...Why would ya waste the time responding to that maroon?
What a duff! I liked your piece.."...getting our Apple credentials removed...but we don't have any.."
Sheesh...the idiots we have to wade through during life. Kinda' makes you wonder what the world will be like in 10 years.
I'm kinda' worried - for my kids' sake
In the proverbial words of World Wrestling Entertainment's 'The Rock," as it pertains to our buddy Rick, I'd like to take a Mac Classic, shine it up REAL nice, grab it, hold that sumbitch sideways, and stick it STRAIGHT up his CANDY @SS!
(Oooh...sorry! Lost my cool there for a minute)
On a more serious note, thanks for the info, the columns, the opinions, the specifications, upgrade into, the musings, the ramblings, and all the other stuff you put up on the site to make us vintage Mac aficionado's have a reference. It *IS* greatly appreciated!

Dan, Thank you for publishing part of the dealings with Mr. Rick Bauer. I wonder what makes him feel that he has the right, duty, audacity to demand that you only publish certain articles on your websites. I MIGHT understand his viewpoint if he were the sole owner/financial backer of the hostsite and he was allowing you to use the hostspace for your websites. Maybe.
I just wanted to write to you and thank you for these websites, maillists, and the individual articles you have been publishing. As far as publishing the political, religious articles on another website - do it if you want to, but I am NOT bothered by the current content of the websites.
If you are keeping a list of interested parties for the new political, religious websites, please add my email address to this list. Otherwise, just send out notice on the current maillists when the sites are ready and I will be sure to come visit.
Thanks again for your efforts on LEM. I am slightly aware of how busy you are - so please do not feel that you have to send me a reply to my email.
Howard L. Fox Jr

All that said, as we have noted in the past, we will be publishing future content written from an explicitly Christian perspective elsewhere - and we will continue to link to such content from Low End Mac, because we believe there's much more to life than computers.