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Low End Mac Museum

This is my slowly growing collection of working Macs and clones. I keep my eye out for more on eBay.

Compact Macs

  • 512K, not working but very clean.
  • Plus, 4 MB RAM, missing C on the keyboard
  • Plus, accelerated, my first Macintosh come home, includes Brainstorm 16 MHz 68000 accelerator. I love this computer!
  • SE, 4 MB RAM, 800KB floppy, 40 MB Apple-label Quantum hard drive, ethernet. Son #3 loves this little old computer.
  • SE/30, 32 MB RAM, 80 MB hard drive. Best black-and-white compact Mac, but I'm unsure what to do with this gem.
  • Classic, 4 MB. I have two of these poky old Macs.
  • Classic II, 4-10 MB RAM. I have a several of these. More details as I get time to play with them.
  • Color Classic, 10 MB RAM, 80 MB hard drive, 84LC040 accelerator. Cute, relatively fast, owned by #2 son.
  • Wanted: original 128K Macintosh (one en route!), 512K or 512Ke, Colour Classic II (yeah, right).


  • Portable, 5 MB RAM, 40 MB hard drive. Pristine! Now up and running with a Power-Sonic battery.
  • PowerBook 140/170, a hybrid built from parts of two machines.
  • PowerBook 150, 24 MB RAM, 120 MB hard drive. My wife's first computer.
  • PowerBook 520. Really bad screen, but it works with an external monitor.
  • PowerBook 540. Broken chassis and damaged screen, but it works with an external monitor.
  • iBook/366, 96 MB RAM. My wife's business computer.
  • PowerBook G4/400, 192 MB RAM, 10 GB hard drive. This is my work machine. 512 MB RAM on order.
  • Wanted: PowerBook 100.

Modular 68K Macs

  • II, 8 MB RAM, two 800KB floppies, 80 MB hard drive, 17" 1-bit display.
  • IIcx, 8 MB RAM, 80 MB hard drive.
  • IIci, several, 4-20 MB RAM, some with hard drives, some with cache cards, some with accelerators.
  • IIsi, 17 MB RAM, 80 MB hard drive.
  • IIsi, 9 MB RAM, no hard drive.
  • LC, 10 MB RAM, 40 MB hard drive.
  • LC II, 12 MB RAM, 25 MHz 68LC040 accelerator, 40 MB hard drive, 512 KB VRAM. Once the most powerful Mac in the house (back when my main machine was a 20 MHz Centris)!
  • LC III, 12 MB RAM, 25 MHz 68030 accelerator, 80 MB hard drive.
  • IIfx, 32 MB RAM, 250 MB hard drives, 8•24GC video card. Formerly used as a web and mail server for reformed.net. Used mostly for playing with Radius Rockets and checking website with older browsers.
  • IIvx, 8 MB RAM, 160 MB hard drive, and Performa 600, 8 MB RAM, no hard drive. Picked up on eBay for $1. Bought them to verify claims that these 32 MHz models really are slower than the 25 MHz IIci. They really are.
  • Centris 610, 24 MB RAM, 540 MB hard drive, 1 MB VRAM. This was my home computer and my second Mac, which I used for five years.
  • Quadra 605, the smallest Quadra. Need to check configuration.
  • Quadra 630, 36 MB RAM, 250 MB hard drive. Not currently in use.
  • Quadra 650, 32 MB RAM, 1.2 MB Apple-branded Quantum hard drive, 1 MB VRAM. Family file server and home to three Radius Rockets.
  • Quadra 660av, 24 MB RAM, 230 MB hard drive. Will probably be used as a voice mail and fax server once our network is installed. Also have a stripped 660av with no hard drive.
  • Quadra 700, not yet tested.
  • Quadra 840av, 32 MB RAM, 500 MB hard drive, Mac OS 8.1. Looking for VRAM upgrade. Will be used for video capture.
  • Quadra 950, two, each with 64 MB RAM. The "bad boy" of the Quadra line has five NuBus slots, lots of drive bays. Will probably become host to my Radius Rockets and the family file server.

Modular Power Macs and Clones

  • Power Mac 6100, three, 40 MB RAM, Mac OS 8.1. Each runs SETI@home around the clock.
  • Power Mac 8100/100av. This belongs to my second son and contains a 1.2 GB hard drive and about 72 MB of memory.
  • SuperMac C600, 200 MHz 603e, 96 MB RAM, 15.2 GB hard drvie. I bought this bare bones and set it up for #4 son.
  • SuperMac J700, 80 MB RAM, 2.1 GB hard drive, E100 card. This is the network file server and backup machine.
  • SuperMac S900, two. One has a G3/333, 2.1 GB drive, and about 112 MB of memory. The other has a G3/400 running at 373 MHz, 9.2 and 2.1 GB drives, and 96 MB. Both have Ultimate Rez video cards, USB cards, and ixTV cards installed.
  • Wanted: Radius clone.

Donations gladly accepted. Drop me a note if you have some vintage equipment you'd like to put in a good home.

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