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Tigger (Mac OS X 10.4) Announced, Disney Lawyers on Alert

- 2004.05.12

Tigger"Woo hoo, Long-ears, whaddaya know! I'm finally famoulishush. They've gone and done named a whole operatin' sythtem after me. Hoo-HOOO! Now, if I only rememberized what an 'operatin' system' was, it might mean sumptin'."

In a press release last week, Apple confirmed long-standing rumors that it's next OS would be named after Tigger, the popular Winnie-the-Pooh character. I just wanted to remind you that your heard it here first (kinda):

Rumors that Disney is considering replacing Michael Eisner with Steve Jobs could vastly reduce complications from Apple naming 10.4 Tigger while also bringing Pixar back into the Disney camp.

Now other people are getting into the act. Here are a couple of pretenders:

Matthew Rothenberg of eWeek claims that 10.2 Server was code-named Tigger but never made it to the public, possibly due to Disneyitis.

VersionTracker shows someone who has a utility named Tigger (at least until someone at Disney reads this article).

Mac OS X 10.4 TiggerAnd check out this photoshopped OS X box created by Petra Hall [reduced image on left]. (Thanks, Mike.)

Now that we know 10.4 is Tigger, and with a new Garfield movie coming out, the logical choice for 10.5 will be Garfield.

Given the frequency of these OS updates and the fact that there is no upgrade discount for previous version owners, maybe 10.5 should be named "Burglar." Or maybe "Burgular." Or maybe "Putz in Boots." Or "Scratch Fever." Or "Mandu."

Or maybe put in a bright yellow box, bundle it with a hard hat, and just call it "CAT." Why pussyfoot around?

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