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FoxnewS Loses AbilitY To CapiTaLize, Use Letter 'S' CorrectLy

- 2003.09.23

In the process of flogging "Apple Computers" (sic) over the apparent breach of contact with Apple Records, Fox News correspondent Roger Friedman displays the following headline: The Beatles Sue Apple Computers Over IPod, ITunes.

Last time I checked, it was Apple Computer, Inc. (singular) - and within the article Friedman uses the lower case "i" instead of the upper case "I" seen in the headline. Not only is this not "fair and balanced,"™ as it does not respect Apple's trademark for its products, it's not consistent either.

It'll probably be fixed by the time you read this [it's not - ed], but nevertheless, it's symptomatic of Fox News' obsession with bashing anything liberal, especially Apple because (a) Steve Jobs works there and (b) Al Gore hangs around sometimes.

My own personal take is that I buy Apple Computers because I like them, not because of the political leanings of the iCEO.

I also am of the opinion that fOX nETWORK is best described as loud, biased, and incompetent. (Take a look at the story about the moon landing conspiracy over at if you want to see what I mean. Astronomy teachers will be battling that unpatriotic, [expletive deleted] program for generations.)

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I'm no grammar maven, but I expect Friedman received a fair amount of flame mail over his relatively minor, but highly visible, errors.

So far my nitpicking doesn't directly address the real issue that Friedman brings up about Apple Computer breaching the contract it has with Apple Records. Specifically, he refers to Apple Computer making musical playback equipment when it was prohibited from this by earlier settlements.

This, of course, is something those of us who pay attention to Apple have known about and worried about for years. I predict that Apple will lose the suit unless there are conditions on earlier settlements which have not been made public. Let's hope the new settlement will end these suits once and for all.

After all, to be honest with you, Apple Records' clientele is aging, and the new generation is as likely to confuse Apple Computers with Apple Records as they are to confuse J.Lo with "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot."

There could come a day when Apple Computer may even sue Apple Records for trying to release music and play on Apple Computer's good name as a music provider to boost profits from an aging generation of people who already own all of the music the Beatles ever made.

And you can bet when that day comes, foXneWs will be there and will screw up something about the Apple story in the name of "fair and balanced"™ news.

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