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PeeCee User

- 2001.11.26

Here at PeeCee User™ we decided to run a survey of the best PeeCee Web sites on the Internet. We asked our readers to pick from a comprehensive list of the nine Web sites we could find or knew about. Users could also write in results. Here are the winners:

Top Sites

As the Hard Drive Spins: This very popular site has been featured on All My Children and Jerry Springer. Written in the style of the prattle from a telemarketer, it offers things called Analogies and Sarcasm and Witty Repartee. About once a month or so they completely cover the changes in the PeeCee world in a paragraph or two. (1,390,234 votes)

PC Central: This popular site notes where PeeCees are seen in the media. Just lately they've had to start updating twice a month because of all the new sightings. They also track Macs, but only if they're running Virtual PC or are seen in a Microsoft ad. (327 votes)

The PC Observer: Well regarded in the PeeCee world, this site reviews hardware, software, and offers opinion columns such as iSistah. After each news item, they "spin" the news from a PeeCee user's perspective. This helps us understand the propaganda coming out of Redmond bereft of the Gatesian Reality Distortion Field.™ It is kind of hard to read the spinning text, though. (209 votes)

PC Surfer: This site categorizes news and articles from around the Web. Each day they offer a whole section dedicated just to PeeCee users. (199 votes)

Barf.com: This site offers highly opinionated reviews of other sites' content. They especially hate sites which do not report the Rumor of the Day. Older articles are called "Old Smelly Barf." Set your Internet filter to "allows really smelly stuff through." (180 volts)

ihatemacs.com: This popular site skewers the myths surrounding the Mac operating system such as, "Mac users secretly hate their interface and are lying to us when they tell us they really like it." Here's another gem: "Macs suck!" We love that one. (159 votes)

myPCmenu.com: This site recently underwent a total revision, so change your bookmarks. They list every press release related to PeeCees and have an excellent PeeCee section set in 56 point type. (134 votes)

PCAddict.com: We tried to look at this site, but our Internet filter kept blocking the domain name - something about promoting drug use. (109 votes)

PC World Magazine: Noted for its balanced PeeCee reviews and unbiased reporting, our users enjoy the fact that the PeeCee information is located in an easy to find spot-the back - and that it has the least PeeCee advertising per issue of any popular PeeCee rag. Unfortunately, the survey was supposed to be Web sites, not magazines, so we'll probably delete this paragraph before you read it. (92 votes)

www.apple.com: Here's a little insider tip. See what Apple's doing that no one else is right now. Wait until a PC manufacturer starts to do it, then buy the PC manufacturer's stock. We did when HP started offering FireWire compatible mood ring covers. Works every time. (81 votes)

www.pcfixit.com: This site has a chart with compatibility matrices showing how manufacturers' products work with each other. For example, how hard drive X works in manufacturer Y's computer. Users can also report compatibility problems and resolutions. The PeeCee section, of course, lists everything as incompatible - as we all know, nothing on a PeeCee works on another PeeCee. Examples include IEEE 1394 interfaces, which are not mentioned in any documentation that comes with the iPC, and USB, which as we all know was first popularized on the Dell Confabulation in 1999. The complete database of incompatibilities runs to 4 Terabytes, so get those CD-R's ready. (72 votes)

www.slashdot.com.org.net.gov: This site has a comment section followed by actual research by respected Web authorities. A great site to check out if your brother-in-law's theory about fixing your PeeCee isn't working. They like Linus from the Peanuts comic strip and haven't acknowledged that Charles Shultz is dead. Oh yeah, they will comment on Macs, but you have to know someone on staff to get it to happen. (34 votes)

www.Microsoft.com: We're surprised this site didn't rank higher, as everyone knows that without Microsoft the PC would be dead as a doornail in winter (or some other better written metaphor we can't think of right now.) These guys seem a little schizophrenic, it seems to us. Did you even know there was an Office suite for Macs? Whose side are these guys on, anyway? (8 votes)

PeeCee User™: How we managed to get votes for other sites on our survey in excess of the hits to our own site is still being investigated. (3 votes)

Dell.com: If you want to check out the year before last year's PeeCees, take a look at this site. Our readers didn't think much of it, though (1 vote - that would be us).

Not Recommended

www.youranidiot.com: This fellow offers a Mac emulator which runs on a PeeCee, though it puzzles us why anyone would actually want such a thing. If you ask him a question about the relative merits of PeeCees and Macs, you get a framed snail mail with certificate of authenticity that says, well, "you're an idiot." Frankly, we don't know how this guy stays in business. (42 votes)

WindowsRumors.com: Aside from boring technical reports about Intel's late-night brainstorming sessions, we don't think this site has much to offer Mac or PeeCee users. By the way, everything they say is true, even when they're telling you they are lying. (-5 votes)

WindowsInsider.com: Updates every hour on the hour and reports on the latest attempts to catch up with the latest Apple innovations. Mostly about PC industry news, really. (11 votes)

Low End PC: This Luddite site recommends users actually upgrade or try to work around problems with their current computers by fiddling with configurations instead of taking the industry standard solution for solving PC problems: buying a new computer. (1-1/2 votes)

We hope you enjoyed our nonscientific and meaningless survey and hope you'll come back again next week when we do it all over again. By the way, please do write and tell us that we are idiots for not including your worthless and seldom visited site on our original list. We love deleting spam.

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