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updated August 8, 1999

1. What is the purpose of REALbasic-NUG?

REALbasic-NUG is the name of this list, not of a computer language.

REALbasic-NUG exists as a forum for users of the REALbasic (formerly CrossBasic) programming language. While it may be germane to compare REALbasic with other Basic dialects, this is not the appropriate forum for discussing programming in those dialects.

2. What is the history of REALbasic-NUG ?

began the list as XBasic on October 1, 1997 in response to requests from participants on the Standard Basic list for a place to discuss Cross Basic. It was later moved from his personal site to Low End Mac http://lowendmac.com/. For this entire time, the list was handled on a Mac II using Macjordomo.

In February 1998, the list moved to FYI Software (now REAL Software); Cross Basic was renamed REALbasic, and the list was named REALbasic-NUG in April 1998. Janet Davis is the current listmom.

3. Is REALbasic-NUG only for programmers?

While anyone may subscribe, this list will only be helpful to those using or considering the purchase of REALbasic.

4. How does an email list work and what is netiquette?

Anyone who has access to internet email may subscribe to REALbasic-NUG using the administrative mailing address for the list software (requests@realsoftware.com) with the appropriate command. Subscribers will receive a copy of every message sent to the posting address for the list (REALbasic-NUG@lists.realoftware.com). If you wish to respond, post, or otherwise have your words sent to everyone on the list, send email, either by replying the message to which you are responding or sending a new one, to REALbasic-NUG@lists.realsoftware.com.

The list management program is set up so selecting "Reply" in your emailer will send a message to the entire list. If you wish to respond individually to the sender of the message, be sure to address your message accordingly. There should be no need to copy messages to both the author and the list.

There are informal rules of the internet which are termed "netiquette" to help people use proper etiquette within this form of communication. Some examples of poor netiquette are not to signing messages, unsubscribing by sending mail to the posting address instead of the administrative address, or TYPING IN ALL CAPS (which is considered yelling). This is a dynamic environment and netiquette is changing rapidly.

And please don't send attachments to the list.

5. Remind me again, how do you subscribe to REALbasic-NUG ?

Send e-mail to requests@lists.realsoftware.com

The subject line is ignored, but the text of the message should read:

subscribe realbasic-nug

To switch from individual messages to the daily digest, send e-mail to requests@lists.realsoftware.com. Your message should read:

subscribe digest realbasic-nug

6. How can I remove my name from REALbasic-NUG ?

Send e-mail to requests@lists.realsoftware.com with the following text in the body of the message:

unsubscribe realbasic-nug

To unsubscribe from the digest, send e-mail to requests@lists.realsoftware.com. Your message should read:

unsubscribe realbasic-nug digest

7. Who is on the list?

Because the list software is handled by REAL software, not by me, I do not have names of subscribers.

8. How can I get a copy of the e-mail addresses on the list?

You can't. To communicate with the list, send messages to the posting address.

9. What topics may be discussed?

Anything relating to Basic programming, REALbasic in particular. REALbasic-NUG is an unmoderated closed list. Unmoderated means messages are sent to the list without prior knowledge of the listmom; closed means only subscribers may post.

10. What tone is expected in the discussion and who will facilitate this?

I hope this will be a kind and helpful community. Since Basic is often a first programming language, we should be tolerant of "dumb" questions.

11. Is there an accessible archive of messages sent to REALbasic-NUG ?

Glen Mark Martin is maintaining an archive at http://wwwvms.utexas.edu/~glen/xbasic/.

12. I subscribed, but get no messages. What's up?

It is possible to successfully subscribe with an incorrect email address. We check bounced messages to determine why they bounced. If the address is invalid, we will delete it from the subscriber list. If the problem is temporary, like a full mailbox, we'll keep the address on the list.

Of course, since there's a problem with the email address, there's no way we can contact you to tell you of the problem. :-(

To contact the list manager, email listmom@realsoftware.com

13. What other Internet resources are available for Basic programmers?

Dan Knight, retired listmom

REALbasis Web Ring

This REALbasic Webring site is owned by >Dan Knight.

Want to join the REALbasic Webring?

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