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Hearing Loss 'Beside the Point' in Lawsuit, iPod Updater Asks for FireWire on USB-only iPods, New Cradles, and More

Compiled by Charles Moore and edited by Dan Knight - 2006.02.09

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In one of those "truth is stranger than fiction" moments, an iPod owner who has no evidence of any hearing loss is suing Apple over potential damage should he elect to play his music too loud for his own good. Sound crazy? Even his lawyer says that any actual hearing loss is "beside the point" in this (dare we say pointless?) lawsuit.

In other odd news, Apple's iPod Updater software sometimes tells people with USB-only iPods that they have to connect via FireWire, and a new Addonics 1.8" drive adapter is being touted as a great way to pry into the contents of an iPod's hard drive - after dismantling the unit, of course. dk

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Hearing Loss Lawsuit

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iPod Deals

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Apple Faces Lawsuit Over iPod Volume

PR: Forbes' Chris Noon reports:

"Hear no evil? Rustling leaves, 20. A soft whisper, 30. An air conditioning unit, 60. A hair dryer, 80. Firecrackers or a subway train, 100. A jet taking off, heavy metal concert or a cranked up Apple Computer iPod, over 115. That's decibels, before this list begins to sound like a MasterCard advert.

"Though some would debate your right to ears if you keep your iPod volume maxed at an ossicle-wobbling level, an owner of Apple's popular Lilliputian jukebox has filed a lawsuit against the computer maker, claiming the device can cause hearing loss in people who use it.

"So don't use it, you may snort with derision. Yet the case runs deeper that that. The user, John Kiel Patterson, claims the music players are 'inherently defective in design and are not sufficiently adorned with adequate warnings regarding the likelihood of hearing loss,' The Associated Press reports. Patterson is seeking compensation for damages and upgrades that will make iPods safer."

Plaintiff's Lawyer Says Actual Hearing Loss 'Beside the Point'

The position of Associated Press (AP) is that you may not quote more than 5 words from any of its copyrighted articles without paying $12.50 or more for a "quotation license". Rather than pay this fee or risk the wrath of AP, we are removing all AP quotes from the site along with links to those articles.

We regret any inconvenience to our readers, but we will never pay for what is considered Fair Use under copyright law. We consider brief quotations in our news roundups to be Fair Use and a benefit to the site that we quoted from and linked to. (We adhere to the Open Link policy, and our Fair Use policy specifically allows quoting up to 50% or 300 words of our original content, whichever is less.)

News and Comment

Apple Unveils New 1 GB iPod nano, Cuts iPod shuffle Prices

PR: Apple has unveiled a new 1 GB iPod nano for $149, offering the same features as the 2 GB and 4 GB iPod nano models and holding up to 240 songs or 15,000 photos. The new 1 GB iPod nano's ultra-portable design is thinner than a #2 pencil and features Apple's patent pending Click Wheel and the same gorgeous color screen as the other iPod nano models. In addition, Apple announced that the iPod shuffle is now more affordable than ever with the 512 MB and 1 GB models priced at $69 and $99 respectively.

"Now everyone can afford an iPod nano, with our new 1 GB model starting at just $149," said Greg Joswiak, Apple's vice president of Worldwide iPod Product Marketing. "The iPod is the world's most popular digital music player with over 40 million sold, and now even more music lovers can experience the unrivaled combination of iPod and iTunes."

iPod nano features an ultra-portable design and fits into even the smallest pocket, making it easy to take iPod nano anywhere you go. With its stunning, high-resolution color screen, iPod nano allows users to display album art while playing music, view photo slideshows or play games in full color. iPod nano also features the same 30-pin dock connector as the iPod and works effortlessly with a wide range of over 2,000 accessories developed for iPod.

Featuring seamless integration with the iTunes Music Store and the iTunes digital music jukebox, iPod nano includes Apple's patent pending Auto-Sync technology that automatically downloads a user's digital music collection, photos or Podcasts onto iPod nano and keeps it up-to-date whenever iPod nano is plugged into a Mac or Windows computer using USB 2.0.

The 1 GB white and black models of iPod nano for Mac or Windows are available worldwide immediately for a suggested retail price of $149, through the Apple Store, Apple's retail stores and Apple Authorized Resellers. All iPod nano models include earbud headphones, a USB 2.0 cable, case and a CD with iTunes for Mac and Windows computers.

iPod nano requires a Mac with a USB 2.0 port and Mac OS X version 10.3.4 (or later) and iTunes 4.9 (or later); or a Windows PC with a USB 2.0 port and Windows 2000 (SP4), XP Home or Professional (SP2) and iTunes 4.9 (or later).

Music capacity is based on four minutes per song and 128-Kbps AAC encoding; photo capacity is based on iPod-viewable photos transferred from iTunes.

New Royal Navy Warship Supports iPod

The Times' Simon Freeman reports:

"HMS Daring, the first of the Royal Navy's £6 billion fleet of six Type 45 Destroyers, thundered down the slipway into the River Clyde in Glasgow today, spouting red, white and blue confetti from her formidable stern.

"HMS Daring's 230-strong crew should be happy too. She and her sisters will be the first 'gender-neutral' warships to enter Royal Navy service, and the Hotel Facilities, as the living quarters are known, are the most opulent ever fitted in a British warship. Mess decks are replaced by individual cabins, each with their own I-pod [sic] charging points, CD player, Internet access, five channel recreational audio and larger berths."

Switching to iPod

ExtremeTech's Jason Cross writes in his new "My Tech Life" column"

"Since this is the first of these regular 'My Tech Life' columns, I thought it best to start with a quick introduction. If you want to read about the iPod stuff, just skip down. In addition to Loyd's regular Notes From the Lab columns every Monday, we're going to start featuring columns on Thursday. Victor Loh and I will alternate each week, so my column will show up twice a month, and I'll bore you (or not) with the details of what's going on with technology in my life. I'm a bit of a media junkie, so expect plenty of columns about digital music and video. By way of history, I was an editor at a games magazine (Computer Games) for five years before landing at ExtremeTech, and an editor at a games Web site (OGR-now part of the vast Internet graveyard) before that. Needless to say, I'm a pretty hardcore gamer, so expect games and game technology to slip in here a lot.

"My goal is to keep the tone light, conversational, and a bit irreverent. There may be a little PG-13 language, the occasional joke, a healthy dose of sarcasm, and italics. Lots of italics. Of course, I don't want to write stuff you don't want to read, so feel free to leave feedback in the forums, and I'll pretend to read them. If this first version of the column is a little rough, go easy on me: It's the pain medication talking (root canal = not fun)."

Pornographers Targeting Youthful iPod Users

WorldNetDaily's James L. Lambert reports:

"The ever-expanding pornography industry is now targeting America's children - via the wildly popular iPod devices - in its latest quest for new customers, according to a former federal prosecutor and a veteran government consultant on pornography.

"The popularity of Apple's new video-capable portable technology has driven porn industry providers to introduce iPod-compatible video content. Already at least three companies have divisions dedicated solely to adult content for these portable players.

"'Like other forms of entertainment, consumers want to watch programming that interests them at their convenience, so we expect that people will watch porn films in places other than the privacy of their bedroom,' David Joseph, CEO of several 'adult entertainment' companies, recently told Adult Video News.

"'Technology gives us the opportunity to provide this service,' he added. 'We're calling this porn on the pod.'"

Could Addonics 1.8" Drive Cable Be RIAA's Next Weapon?

ExtremeTech's Mark Hachman reports:

"On Friday, Addonics Technologies announced a cable to allow a Toshiba 1.8-inch hard drive - the same hard drive used within the Apple iPod - to be connected to a computer.

"However, the cable could also prove to be the RIAA's latest weapon in the war over sharing copyrighted music."

The argument is that the 1.8" drive could be removed from an iPod, placed in a forensic dock, mounted on a PC, and then checked for illegal content. Makes one wonder if it wouldn't be simpler to use the iPod's USB or FireWire connector and one of myriad freeware programs that let a Mac or Windows PC examine the iPod's contents.... dk

TigerDirect Named as First Retailer for iSee 360i iPod Video Recorder

PR: Advanced Technology Office, LLC (ATO) has announced that TigerDirect, Inc. will be the first retailer for ATO's new iSee 360i video recorder for iPod. TigerDirect will offer the product and related accessories at its retail stores, online, and in catalogs in the US and Canada. In addition, TigerDirect will make the iSee available through SkyMall(R) catalogs on select airlines.

TigerDirect is taking pre-orders at $249 for the iSee 360i PC version, which will begin shipping later in March.

"The market for iPod accessories is growing by leaps and bounds," stated Russell Strunk, executive vice president for TigerDirect. "We view the iSee 360i as a revolutionary product that will further enhance the portability of audio and video content. We're happy to present this inventive new device to our dedicated customer base."

The iSee 360i was named a "2006 Macworld Best of Show Award" winner at the recent Macworld Conference & Expo in San Francisco. The iSee 360i extends the functionality of most Click Wheel Apple(R) iPods(R) to include music, photos, and video recording from any analog source. Playback features a 3.6 inch screen powered by a 4-hour rechargeable and replaceable battery.

"TigerDirect has established itself as a major supplier of electronic devices to the consumer in North America," said Howard Wing, ATO director of sales. "We're excited to partner with them in the initial launch of the iSee 360i."

Measuring 6 x 3.2 x 1.1 inches and weighing only 6 ounces, the iSee 360i offers a lightweight, portable design that when connected to an iPod provides the look and feel of a single, integrated unit. The iPod slides into place inside the back of the iSee video device - providing the user with a 91% larger viewing area than the iPod with video - without dramatically increasing the overall form factor.


iPod Updater Reports USB-only iPods 'Must Connect Using FireWire'

A new Apple Knowledge Base article says:

"When you connect a Fifth Generation iPod (iPod with video) or iPod nano to a computer with Mac OS X and open the iPod Updater, you may come across a situation in which the Restore button in the iPod Updater is dimmed (grayed out) and can't be selected. The text by the Restore button reads:

"'You must connect using FireWire to restore this iPod.'

"You may also notice that the iPod icon displayed in the iPod Updater is the wrong iPod model. This occurs when the iPodDriver.kext file doesn't load correctly, and it can happen with any iPod that supports photos (including iPod nano, iPod with color display, iPod photo, and Fifth Generation iPod) or videos (Fifth Generation iPod).

"To resolve this issue, follow the steps here...."


iPod nano High-Capacity Battery Upgrade Service

PR: iPodResQ have announced a new iPod nano high-capacity battery program. This service is for all iPod nano owners that want longer play life and is performed with a same-day turn around and nationwide convenience.

The introductory price for the iPod nano High-Capacity Battery Service will be set at $64, flat-rate. This includes a custom iBox sent to the customer's location in the continental U.S. via overnight courier to pickup the nano for overnight delivery back to the iPodResQ service center. iPodResQ will receive the nano, install a NEW 400 mAh high-capacity battery the same day it is received, and return the nano back to the customer overnight. To get started, customers simply call 1-877-Pod-Repair or iPodResQ online.

For customers in Alaska, Hawaii, or any international location the service is provided at a nominal additional cost to cover additional shipping expenses.

"We are the first company to offer a high-capacity battery for the nano and we are happy to report excellent results from our newest battery that offers an approximate 10% increase in play time from the factory battery," said Ryan Arter, President of iPodResQ. "Due to the complexity of this installation we are not currently offering a self-install version of the battery, however it's apparent that it is a great addition to our full-service battery program."

For computer resellers and repair centers, iPodResQ offers discounted rates on products and services. Computer dealers can send overflow service work or seamlessly outsource their entire iPod repair operation. Volume discounts are available for schools, corporations and government agencies.

iPod-integrating Bed From New Zealand

PR: Pause is crafted from sustainable New Zealand Rimu with aluminium detailing. Optional accessories include minimalist side lamps and aluminium storage trays, yet perhaps the most exciting feature is how the shelves can seamlessly accommodate an iPod universal dock and BOSE speaker system. These electronic accessories allow you to enjoy and awaken to your favourite tunes in the most personal of spaces. The concealed iPod universal dock also provides a convenient means for recharging your iPod.

Designer quote: "In designing Pause we explored the notion of 'rest' (whether it be while awake or through sleep) and how we choose to create our own personal bedroom space. In doing so, the conceptual design of Pause aimed to challenge the conventional definition of the bedroom environment. The resulting design incorporates functionality that lets your mood guide the pace." Dan Gillingham (Designer)

More than just a bed. Where possible we use natural materials and non-toxic natural manufacturing processes, ensuring an end product that is kind to the environment and good for your health. Furthermore, as part of our sustainable ethos we plant a native tree for every bed sold. But don't just take our word for it, visit your nearest stockist and ... Pause ...

iCradle for iPod with Remote

iCradlePR: iCradle for iPod is an innovative cradle that allows iPod mini, nano, 3G ipod, 4G, 5G (video) to dock and to transfer data seamlessly. The cradle has a USB 2.0 connection, an audio jack and S-Video ports on the back of the cradle.

The docking station is an convenient way to make syncing and charging your iPod, iPod mini or iPod nano easier than ever.

Simply set your iPod on the docking station and connect it to your home theater or system or for privacy use your headphones. You can now showcase your iPod at your party without ever worrying about connecting to your speakers.

  • Unit charges and Syncs all iPod through USB except 3G and 4G iPods
  • Wireless IR remote allows you to select your favorite songs and control the sound output
  • Includes USB charger (does not require a computer to charge/power your iPod)
  • Includes S-Video cables

iCradle with Remote sells for $34.99

Kensington Entertainment Dock 500 for iPod

Kensington Entertainment Dock 500PR: The Entertainment Dock 500 isn't just for music anymore. Using the video out ports (RCA or S-video) you can also share videos and photos from your iPod through your TV. With a touch of the wireless RF remote you can listen to music through your stereo or play a soundtrack while you view your favorite photos. Simultaneously charges iPod in the cradle.


  • Share your favorite music, videos and photos through your home entertainment system
  • Wireless RF remote controls your iPod from up to 50 feet away!
  • The sleek looking dock offers simultaneous play and charge benefits
  • Includes built-in Universal Dock for iPod. Compatible with any iPod with dock connector.

Price: $99.99

Entertainment Dock 500 for iPod is backed by the Kensington 1-Year warranty.

NanoDeco Designer Covers for iPod nano

PR: Kiwali LLC has announced the immediate availability of Kiwali NanoDeco Designer Covers for the Apple iPod nano. NanoDeco is a collection of exciting adhesive covers featuring visually striking original designs that dramatically enhance the look and appeal of the iPod nano.

"It's been months in the making, but NanoDeco is a natural follow-up to our exciting ShuffleDeco collection," said Paul Lee, Director of Marketing for Kiwali LLC. "We've received rave reviews about the sophisticated look of our ShuffleDeco product line, but NanoDeco features even more incredible designs that just has to be seen to be believed."

The debut collection features ten wide-ranging designs, including the 60s-inspired Kungfu-esque "Retro Fury," the delicate "Flight of the Butterfly," and gothic "Magik & Lace." Each NanoDeco is printed on premium-quality naster poly using special inks for enhanced color vibrancy. "The colors simply pop," added Mr. Lee.

A light "repositionable" adhesive is used for the backing, making the product exceptionally easy to apply as well as to take off. Covering the front and the back of the iPod nano, NanoDeco provides limited protection from scratches and everyday hazards as well.

"NanoDeco is designed to work with many other accessories and cases," noted Mr. Lee, "It's a fabulous standalone fashion accessory or a fantastic complement to an existing favorite accessory."

The Kiwali nanoDeco is a premium adhesive cover for the iPod nano that features 10 of the most original, mind-blowing designs you've ever seen. Printed on high-quality Naster poly with specialized metallic inks and die cut to exacting precision, the Kiwali nanoDeco will turn any iPod nano into a work of art. It offers limited scratch protection, too. The repositionable adhesive is strong enough for secure positioning but comes off cleanly and easily.

Features of the Kiwali NanoDeco

  • Printed on premium Naster poly with repositionable adhesive backing
  • Die cut for precision
  • Fits the iPod nano 2 GB and 4 GB versions.
  • Special inks deliver eye-popping colors and metallic accents
  • Available in 10 mind-blowing original designs. Only from Kiwali!
  • 1 mm invisible protective coating insures inks will not bleed or smudge
  • NanoDeco works without getting in the way of your other iPod accessories! It's like getting your cake and eating it, too.
  • Each nanoDeco is backed by a full replacement guarantee! Just send us back the used or unused nanoDeco with a self-addressed stamped envelope to our address, and we will send back a free replacement. Offer dependent on actual availability.

The Kiwali NanoDeco is an easy and affordable way to accessorize the iPod nano to reflect personality, mood, or taste. Individual designs are available immediately for a suggested retail price of $15 (US). For a limited time, customers can take advantage of a 10% discount as part of a launch promotion at Kiwali's website.

Regular Price: $15.00

Special Introductory Sale Price: $13.50

Nanoki iPod nano Cases Feature 'Impossibly Cute' Characters

PR: Kiwali LLC has announced the newest addition to the Kiwali line of fashion accessories for the Apple iPod. The Kiwali Nanoki is a stylish case for Apple iPod nano featuring irresistibly cute animal designs embroidered on the cover.

"Kiwali has received a lot of accolades for our distinctive Mineon corduroy case for the iPod mini, but we decided to take a risk and do something even more creative with the Nanoki case for the iPod nano," said Paul Lee, Director of Marketing for Kiwali LLC. "According to Apple, the iPod nano is 'impossibly small,' so we decided to create a case that was 'impossibly cute!'"

The debut collection features a variety of different animal characters with names like "Power Panda," "Kitty Kat," "Puppy Love," and the mischievous and mysterious "Mr. Monkey." Each animal is directly embroidered on the cover, creating a sophisticated yet natural look. The leatherette body is color coordinated to match the embroidery. The slim design also doesn't bulk up the super-thin iPod nano, resulting in a case that is unapologetically adorable as well as functional.

"It's true the Kiwali Nanoki case can be described as 'impossibly cute'," said Mr. Monkey, one of the characters featured in the design collection. "But I personally resent the characterization because it feeds into the stereotype of monkeys being a constant source of mere amusement for boorish human beings." In response, Kitty Kat merely mewed with an air of unconcern while Power Panda continued to munch on some nutritious bamboo.

Kiwali Nanoki: iPod nano Cases with Adorable Embroidered Designs

Great things come in small packages. Introducing the debut collection of outrageously cute cases for the iPod nano, featuring original designs of adorable pandas, cats, dogs, piglets, and owls in sophisticated embroidery - oh my! The popular gargoyle design also rears its slithery head from our ShuffleDeco collection, this time spun in threads of wicked silver. And the Kiwali Nanoki case won't bulk up your iPod nano because of its slim-line design.

Features of the Kiwali Nanoki iPod nano Case

  • Choose from one of 10 original Kiwali animal designs for maximum CQ (Cuteness Quotient)
  • Leatherette body color coordinated with each embroidered design
  • Fits the iPod nano 2 GB and 4 GB versions.
  • Comes with both a short handstrap and a long lanyard for carrying convenience
  • Slim profile design won't bulk up the super-slim iPod nano
  • Access holes for easy access to the Click Wheel and screen visibility while your iPod nano is snug inside the case
  • Metal non-magnetic button on the cover for secure and snappy action

Mr. Lee was quick to add that no actual animals were hurt or exploited in the making of the Kiwali Nanoki cases, which are available for order immediately on the company's website.

The Kiwali Nanoki is an easy and affordable way to accessorize the iPod nano to reflect an individual's personality, mood, or taste. Individual cases are available immediately for a suggested retail price of $29 (US). For a limited time, customers can take advantage of a 10% discount as part of a launch promotion at Kiwali's website.

Icesuit Protective Sleeve for iPod nano

IcesuitPR: Icesuit is a durable protective sleeve for iPod nano which protects your iPod nano from bumps and scratches and does it with style. It gives users the ability to eliminate annoying cable tangles and store earphones neatly at the back. Double injection process ensures that the color accents and control labels do not fade or peel after prolonged use.


  • Protects your iPod® nano from bumps and scratches
  • Neatly stores your headphones on the back
  • Integrated color accents that will not fade
  • Silicon rubber material prevents your iPod® nano from slipping and sliding
  • Access to all controls

Fits iPod nano


  • Net Weight: 0.5oz
  • Dimension: 1.6" (W) x 0.3"(D) x 3.6"(H)
  • 1 year warranty

Colors: White & Green, Black & Orange

Price: $19.99

Noreve Leather Case for iPod nano

Noreve Leather casePR: Characteristics

  • Elegant case conceived in high quality soft leather
  • Compatible with MP3 player Apple iPod nano 2 & 4Gb
  • Access to basic functions (multiples openings in the leather)
  • Pratical thanks to a firm snap closure
  • Protects the device in an optimal manner
  • Headphone access
  • An opening for recharge
  • Interior leather and velvet lining
  • Completely removeable belt clip - More information click here

Colors: Black, White, Pink, Baby Blue

Price: 32.99€

Special Offer - 4 colors: 99.90€

Conversion Kit Connects Toshiba 1.8" iPod Hard Drive to Any Computer

PR: Addonics Technologies has announced a Toshiba 1.8-inch to 2.5-inch IDE connector, which allows users to connect the drive to any computer including the hard drive found on the Apple iPOD.

The new Toshiba 1.8" to 2.5" IDE connector allows users to attach this small 1.8" hard drive just like a 2.5" hard drive. It can also be connected to the standard 40 pin IDE cable common found on any desktop computer, server, and most industrial PCs by adding the Addonics 2.5" to 3.5" converter kit. You now can easily read or write onto this tiny hard drive using almost any system.

With the new Addonics converter any Toshiba 1.8-inch hard drive can also become a read only drive by using the standard IDE Write blocker, which makes it an appropriate solution for forensics applications. The write-blocking feature prevents accidental and intentional destruction of data and preserves evidence for computer crime/security investigations.

The Addonics 1.8-inch to 2.5-inch IDE connector also allows iPOD owners to connect the hard drive inside their iPOD as a regular 2.5" hard drive to other computers. With the connector, an iPOD user who has defective iPOD can export data off the drive.

The connector can be combined with the Addonics Pocket ExDrive enclosure, which allows the Toshiba 1.8-inch drive to be used as an external hard drive or as a removable hard drive. Users can connect the enclosure to USB, Firewire, SATA or CardBus/PCMCIA by attaching an Addonics USIB interface cable.

List price of the Toshiba 1.8" to 2.5" IDE hard drive connector converter (AAT18IDE25) is $14.99. Components needed to use a Toshiba 1.8 inch drive as an external/removable hard drive would require the Toshiba 1.8" to 2.5" IDE hard drive, Pocket ExDrive enclosure and Addonics USIB cable. List price for a USB configuration would be $69.95.

Addonics products are available through the company online store , major catalog companies, resellers, VARs and distributors, including, PC Connection, CDW,,, Insight, and Ingram Micro.

SigmaTel Portable Multimedia Solution Powers New SWISSMEMORY s.beat MP3 Player

PR: SigmaTel Inc. has announced that its portable audio System-on-Chip (SoC) solution powers the SWISSMEMORY s.beat digital audio player from Swissbit and Victorinox, the makers of the world-renowned Swiss Army Knife. The SWISSMEMORY s.beat series of flash-based digital audio players are available in 1 GB and 2 GB models. Powered by the SigmaTel STMP3550, the s.beat is an all-in-one digital audio player and USB storage device incorporated into a full-metal Swiss Army Knife.

s.beat MP3 Player"SigmaTel's industry-leading solutions provide customers the ability to design and manufacture a wide variety of portable digital media devices offering the latest and best-in-class functionality," said Michael Wodopian, senior vice president, Portable System-on-Chip Group at SigmaTel. "Having a world-renowned brand like Swiss Army and a technology leader like Swissbit using SigmaTel technology underscores our commitment to delivering innovative solutions to the market."

SigmaTel's portable multimedia SoC solutions provide the necessary technology, including software, hardware and third-party application support for companies like Swissbit and Victorinox to develop creative multimedia products that help them extend their brands into new markets. Through patented semiconductor solutions and software, SigmaTel's high level of integration and support allow customers to develop devices offering longest battery life, smallest form factors and lowest system design costs in the market.

The SWISSMEMORY s.beat can store data and music files and plays back MP3, WMA, WAV and OGG Vorbis digital audio files. Providing up to eight hours of playback with a rechargeable lithium polymer battery, the s.beat also has a built-in FM radio with 15 preset channels, the ability to record FM radio onto the device and a voice recorder. The s.beat also provides drag-and-drop functionality, meaning users can plug the device into any USB port and transfer files without the need for special software or a specific device driver.

"The high level of integration and the flexibility of the SigmaTel solutions allowed Swissbit to develop a small form factor, full-featured digital audio player that was small enough to fit inside a Swiss Army Knife," said Dominique Froidevaux, product manager Multi Media at Swissbit. "With the stylish SWISSMEMORY s.beat, we can offer consumers a best-in-class digital audio player that carries the renowned Swiss Army brand."

The s.beat comes with a highly sensitive remote control that includes two earphone connections for parallel listening, high-quality earphones, adjustable rubber arm strap and has a high-contrast backlight LCD. The s.beat is available with the Swiss Army knife tools, including scissors, nail file/screwdriver and blade/knife or an airline-friendly flight version that does not have the tools.

SigmaTel's family of portable multimedia SoC solutions provide high-quality audio playback for portable devices such as MP3 players, portable media players, language learners, and jukeboxes. The company's solutions offer market-leading benefits, including as much as a 30% lower bill of material costs, Hi-Speed USB 2.0, up to 70 hours of battery life on a single AA battery and incredibly small form factor designs. With flexible software support and upgrade options, SigmaTel solutions offer support for MP3, WMA, ACC, WAV and OGG Vorbis audio format algorithms as well as support for Microsoft PlaysForSure version 1.2 based upon Microsoft Digital Rights Management (DRM) 10. Additionally, SigmaTel SoCs support the widest range of NAND Flash solutions on the market, including large block SLC and large block MLC Flash.

The Swiss Army Knife metal body comes with a lifetime warranty.


WatcheyePod Site Launched

PR: We'd like to announce the launching of our new website, WatcheyePod.

WatcheyePod is a new site that offers you free short films ready to download and watch on your iPod. If you don't have an iPod yet, you can always watch the movies on-line or download them onto your computer.


Who Needs a Laptop to Give a Presentation?

PR: Make your next pitch using your iPod. With iPresent It you can convert your PowerPoint, PDF and Keynote presentations into slideshows that are synced with your iPod. Never carry a laptop into a presentation again; it's all on your iPod!


  • Works with any iPod with a color screen. Note that the iPod nano does not support video output.
  • Create slideshow images from any of your PowerPoint, Keynote or PDF presentations.
  • Saves presentations as albums in iPhoto or sub-folders of a folder (such as the folder being used to sync to your iPod via iTunes).
  • Keynote 2 support includes full build extraction, each build step is converted into a unique image for displaying via your iPod.
  • Easily update your slideshows whenever you make changes to a presentation. With built-in tracking to indicate which presentations need updating you'll never be caught without your latest changes.
  • Use the OS X print dialog's Save As PDF button to create slideshow images for any document.
  • Full drag and drop support for adding presentations and one-time slideshow creation.
  • Easily remove slideshows when they are no longer needed. Removing them from iPresent It ensures they will be removed from your iPod the next time you sync.
  • Preview slides as they're converted into a slideshow.
  • Also works with digital cameras and projectors that support USB flash drives (see the FAQ for details).

System requirements: Requires Mac OS X 10.3 or greater

$17.95 demoware. Trial version limits slideshows to the first 6 slides of a presentation

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