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On Being a Mac User

Think Different - Be Your Best

- 2001.08.31

What does it mean to be a Mac user?

To be a Mac user is to think differently.

I like to be different in some ways, and there are always ways to do that even when trying to be the same. It's a classic idea - one thing that makes you stand out from the crowd. It's the round peg in the square hole; the one who uses a Mac when the others use a PC.

There is about a 90% chance that if you walked down your street and knocked on a random door and asked the residents what kind of computer they use, they would say "a PC" or "a Dell" or "an IBM" - you get the idea. If someone knocked on my door to ask what kind of computer I used, I would be proud of saying that I use a Mac. And that makes me think of Apple's slogan: Think Different.

You think different when you buy a Mac. You resist conformity with the rest of the world buying bland beige boxes powered by Intel, AMD, or Cyrix CPUs. You are the one wearing yellow, orange, and red shirts when everyone else wears dark blue, white, or grey. You are the one who orders caramel swirl ice cream when you go to your local ice cream parlour, even though everyone else orders vanilla or chocolate.

You buy a Mac because you believe the Mac is the best possible platform. You believe that by buying a Mac you will stand out. You will be at the top, in the lead.

When you walk into the computer store, you walk directly to the display of iMacs, iBooks, G4s, and PowerBooks, and you realize that there is an invisible line drawn between the Macs and the other computers. In the sea of beige boxes, the Macs stand out. They are stylish and colourful, yet powerful. From the smooth curves on the iMac to the wide screen of the Titanium PowerBook G4, the Macs have form and function. The Quicksilver G4 is not only a stylish piece of art, but it is also an extremely Color Classichigh-powered desktop computer, capable of rendering 3D animation in real time and performing processor intensive tasks in Photoshop with lightning speed. And it's not only the new Macs that have style. Have you taken a look at a Colour Classic, Power Mac 6400, orTwentieth Anniverary Mac 20th Anniversary Macintosh? Using a Mac makes you feel even better about yourself because Apple combines style and power to create an incredible computer.

Then there is the other slogan - The Power To be Your Best - implying that the Mac has the power necessary to let you be your best. When you buy a Mac, you feel confident that it will give you that power that you need to succeed and do the absolute best you can.

This also ties in to thinking different. When you are thinking different, you have that extra power inside you to try and continue to be that way, to prove everybody wrong, to become the best.

And the Mac - just a computer - represents the entire idea of "thinking different" to its full extent.

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