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Core Case: Solid Protection for Your iPod

- 2007.07.31

iPod nano in Core Case iPod nano caseWhen color, style and class come together to add sophistication to a product - which in this case is the iPod nano - it undoubtedly adds to the cool factor.

This would definitely include the case being reviewed today, Core Cases' iPod nano 2nd generation case.

The 2G iPod nano case from Core Cases is like a lot of other cases in regards to what it's made of: anodized aluminum, which makes the case extremely durable.

That's where the similarities end.

iPod nano slides into placeThis case has no latches, no screws . . . nope, not this one. Both halves slide together very elegantly to form a bond that locks effectively to keep your iPod nano from becoming little more than a paperweight.

The case has a soft liner inside that protects your iPod from shocks and drops. It provides unblocked access to the hold switch, dock connector, and headphone jack.

It also offers exceptional protection in areas most cases fall short in. It has a screen protector, which is considered standard fare. Dig a little deeper, and you'll find that it also has a click wheel protector. It sticks to the click wheel to form a tight seal that keeps dirt and grime out of the wheel. This in and of itself is a huge plus.

It doesn't stop there: There's also a rubber plug that protects the dock connector. This is something you don't see on other cases. Most cases ignore this, perhaps because they don't think it's something that needs much protection - but I'm one who believes the dock connector should be protected.

six colorsThe 2G iPod nano Core Case comes in six vibrant colors: black, silver, pink, blue, green, and red. Check out the pictures below to see the case and some of the colors offered.

The cost of this stylish protection? $19.95, no matter which color you choose.

This is a fine company to deal with too. I not only got a handwritten note from Corey at Core Cases (the head dude), he was kind enough to send me a pink case that was included as part of a care package which included a pink iPod nano for a good friend of mine who has cancer. They didn't have to do that, but they did. It really made my friend's day! My friend and I appreciate it very much.

I wholeheartedly recommend Core Cases and their great line of products. LEM

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