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InvisibleShield Great Protection for iPods, Notebooks, Cell Phones, PDAs, and More

- 2009.04.15

Rating: 4 out of 4

May the InvisibleShield be with you....

When you buy an iPod or some other gadget, you immediately think to yourself, "It seems to me that I need to get something to protect it. But what shall I choose?"

There are plenty of cases out there, but some are too bulky. You think, "Wouldn't it be cool if there were an invisible case that doesn't even look like a case?" Look no further than InvisibleShield from Zagg.

I have an iPod classic and an AlphaSmart Neo. I found that Zagg has InvisibleShield's for both. Is it a good investment? Will it protect your gear?

I had a chance to try them out, and those are some of the questions we'll answer in this review.

The first thing you'll notice is the minimal packaging. It's like a tri-fold brochure. Inside you'll find three things: a squeegee, ShieldSpray, and the InvisibleShield itself.

What is the InvisibleShield? It's a thin, transparent film that protects the casing of your device of choice.


First, I made sure my hands were clean to keep from getting fingerprints on the adhesive side of the InvisibleShield. Before I started, per the instructions, I sprayed my fingers with the ShieldSpray. Next was choosing which side of the device to start with. If you're applying this to the iPod classic, like I did, I recommend starting with the front, then the scroll wheel, then the select button, then the back, and finally the corners of the iPod.

Invisible Shield for iPod classicLet me say this first of all: This is a very meticulous process. One slip, and it'll be out of alignment quickly. You need to be calm and especially be sure to exercise patience. It took me a few times before I got it right.

The next thing I did once I peeled off the front part of the InvisibleShield was to, again per the instructions, spray both sides lightly with the ShieldSpray. Then came applying it. You have to exercise extreme caution and have steady hands to get it applied properly. Once I had it applied on the front, I used the squeegee to smooth out the bubbles, as per the instructions. You'll still find a few small bubbles, but overall, it worked like a charm. Then I peeled off the other parts and applied them the same way.

I also applied the InvisibleShield to the screen on my AlphaSmart Neo, as they have one which is made especially for the Neo.

Great Protection

I'm pleased to say the InvisibleShield does in fact offer great protection for both devices. It's very durable material that will no doubt hold up to many bumps and drops. Zagg even touts it as Military Grade. I have no doubt it is. The InvisibleShield comes with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty, which I doubt will ever have to be used, but it's nice to know it's available if needed.

I rate it 4 out of 4.

The cost for this protection? For full body coverage of the iPod classic, $24.95. If you want just screen coverage, $14.95. If you have a AlphaSmart Neo, you can only get screen coverage for it, and like the iPod classic screen protection, it's $14.95.

Zagg makes InvisibleShield for a host of other items as well - the iPhone, iPod touch, MacBooks, Palms, and much more.

Check out the entire line of InvisibleShield products from Zagg by going to LEM

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