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Hat Trick: 3 Top Quality iPod Accessories from Matias

- 2007.06.13

A lot of Mac users think the world of Matias, and their flagship product, the Tactile Pro keyboard, has garnered rave reviews among the Mac faithful.

Did you know that Matias also makes iPod accessories? I'll be looking at three of Matias' iPod accessories today.

Matias Armor™ for iPod nano

First up - Matias Armor for iPod nano. This is an anodized aluminum case that comes in six different colors (black, blue, pink, green, red, silver). I used the blue case.

Matias Armor for iPod nano

This is the first case I've seen and reviewed that opens and closes from the side. It's hinged on one side and locks to a plastic stop on the left side of the case. It's a snug lock, so there are no worries of the iPod nano falling out.

It offers your standard hard plastic screen protector along with access to the click wheel and hold switch, as well as access to the dock connector and headphone jack on the bottom. The iPod nano fits snugly inside with a thin-but-adequate layer of protection.

inside Matias Armor for iPod nanoMatias Armor for iPod nano also includes a neck strap, along with a place to loop the strap into the casing. Matias hand inspects every case before it leaves their facilities.

So how much is the case? If you opt for the silver case, it's US$29.95. If you choose black, blue, pink, green, or red, it'll be $5 more.

Not to fear, 1st generation iPod nano owners, you can get in on the goodness too - and at a lower price! Although it comes in only get two colors, silver and black, you can get either for US$14.95.

Owners of the full-sized iPod, iPod mini, and video iPod will be glad to know Matias makes Armor cases for you as well!

Rating: 4 out of 4

Bottom line: Great quality case. A reasonable price for great protection. I couldn't find anything I felt Matias could have done better on. I give it 4 out of 4.

Matias Slim USB Power Adapter

Matias Slim USB Power AdapterNext, let's look at the Matias Slim USB Power Adapter. The defining feature of this power adapter is its small size (2" wide, 2-1/6" tall, and 3/4" thick). Your iPod and mobile devices are small, so why shouldn't your power adapter be small as well?

It's surprising how small this power adapter is! For travel buffs and those always-on-the-go, this will make the perfect travel accessory. And it isn't only for your iPod - you can use it to charge any USB device that needs charging.

Matias Slim USB Power AdapterOther features this power adapter offers: It can switch accept 100-240V, and it has a hidden plug that folds up when you're done and folds out when you need to plug it in.

You can tell when it's charging by the two-color LED indicator. When it's charging, it's red; when it's done, it's green. Can't get much simpler than that.

It has worked wonderfully for me with my 2nd generation iPod nano. Price? $19.95. You'll find the small size the biggest plus of all.

Rating: 4 out of 4

Bottom line: Super small and great price! No cons at all that I can see. Again, 4 out of 4.

Matias Armor Clip™

Matias Armor ClipTwo for two in the five star department. Can Matias go three for three ?

The final product in this roundup is the Matias Armor Clip. I have to say up front that this is my favorite product of the three I'm reviewing!

The Matias Armor Clip is a belt clip for your iPod or other mobile device. What's obvious about this clip is the quality that went into it. I've used the Armor Clip several times with my 2nd gen iPod nano, and it never once disappointed.

How does it work? The three anchors you get with the Armor Clip stick on almost any device with 3M adhesive. Let me tell you, it's extremely hard to get the anchors off once they're on!

Once you stick the anchor on your iPod or other device, insert the end of the anchor into the big hole on the back of the clip and push down. It will lock in place.

To take it out of the clip? Move the slider bar on top over and pull it up. The clip rotates 360 degrees, which is a good feature in case you have to sit down.

Matias Armor ClipMatias is so confident of the quality of the Armor Clip that it has an unprecedented 100 year warranty. That's confidence!

According to Matias, it can withstand:

  • up to 60 lb. of vertical force and 80 lb. of horizontal force
  • the release mechanism can withstand between 650,000 and 2 million releases (assuming an average of 50 clip releases per day, that's 35 to 110 years of service)
  • the belt clip mechanism has been tested to withstand 35,000 to 60,000 presses (assuming that you attach the clip to your belt in the morning and remove it at night, that's 48 to 82 years of service)

That's amazing! While many of us won't have our mobile devices last that long, it's great to know that the clip will be around for a long time. Matias really stands behind their products.

Price? $14.95. Get this clip; you will not be disappointed!

Rating: 4 out of 4

Bottom line: Outstanding quality with an outstanding over-the-top warranty to match and a very affordable price. 4 out of 4.

Kudos to Matias for these excellent iPod accessories! LEM

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