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On OS X: 'Who Cares About Cost? I Want It!'

Rodney O. Lain - 2000.01.15

This article was originally published on The, a site which no longer exists. It is copyright 2000 by RAC Enterprises, which also seems to no longer exist. It is thus reprinted here without permission (which we would gladly obtain if possible). Links have been retained when possible, but many go to the Internet Wayback Machine.

That's foul!
 - a friend of mine would always exclaim this after seeing something really kewl

Ever the consummate showman, His iNess Steve Jobs unwrapped Mac OS X with his usual flair and aplomb, to a level of fanfare that is downright boring for us Mac snobs who've grown accustomed to Apple's success:

"Yes, Apple has released another insanely great product. >yawn<."

As soon as the first screen shot was revealed, I, about 13 rows away from The Man, began reaching for my wallet to see if I had enough money to purchase two copies. When I found out it wasn't shipping until this spring, I was let down.

I think that pretty much sums up the reactions that more than a few of us Mac faithful had that day.

Look at this screen shot [broken link] and tell me that you don't want a copy of this running on your Mac?

Many people have been bitching and moaning about what Apple should or shouldn't have done with the GUI. I don't care about them. I love it.

I love eye candy (or is it iCandy?), and OS X has plenty of it. I think Apple took a cue from Hollywood. Think back to all of the movies and TV shows - especially those of the sci-fi stripe - and remember how many of them had "toy-like" GUIs for the cast to toy with. This isn't something that began with OS X. It seems like many have dreamed a world with bell-and-whistle user interfaces. They've been ahead of the curve.

In this regard, Apple is Johnny Come Lately.

Another thing that may not have been discussed much - lost in the din created by opinion writers over the looks of the OS - is the suggested retail price of OS X. So far, $99 seems to be the standard cost of admission into the Mac OS experience. I don't rule out Apple charging $200 a pop (I'd still buy a copy).

Furthermore, as one Mac Opinion's Kai Cherry opined in San Francisco, hell, people (including PC users) may even buy brand new Macs just to get their mitts on OS X. I know I would'

So before you load both barrels and weigh in on Mac OS X, consider this: Take some time and look through the info at Apple's web site-cum-portal' again if you must. And think about how little the Mac OS has changed over the years. Isn't it long overdue for a revamp? While you're at it, thank God that Apple didn't evolve he OS as much as the nay sayers had predicted (remember the hue and cry over the possibility of Mac OS X shipping sans the Finder we all know and love?).

Then look at the info on and pix of OS X again. It'll grow on you a little bit more if you take it into that perspective....

While we all wait with bated breath for Apple to birth this product, keep this bit of advice in mind: when you hear people trash talking Mac OS X, remember that the same people who are poo-pooing the OS X interface are probably the same ones who said the iMac and the iBook would be twin flops.

'Nuff said?


- Rodney O'Neal Lain

Rodney O. Lain is The iMac's Associate Editor. A former professor, he lives in St. Paul, MN, where he is a freelance writer and a supervisor at a major US corporation. He enjoys comic books and pencil drawing. He adores Mike Royko, Zora Hurston, Lewis Grizzard, Maya Angelou, John Byrne, bell hooks, Frank Miller and Henry Louis Gates. He also writes for Low End Mac, Applelinks and My Mac Magazine. When no one's looking, he rants and raves on his home page Free Your Mind & Your Behind Will Follow.

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