St. Charles School Needs Macs

Need to empty a closet, get a tax write-off, or help a client find some space for their new machines?

Please consider donating working (and nonworking) Mac computers, monitors, software, and parts (IIci and above preferred, but others considered) to St. Charles School, 8 Myrtle St., Woburn, MA 01801.

We are a K-8 parochial school and so are left out of state funding and many grants. We just got a Mac II lab going, and every classroom has 1 Mac and an external CD-ROM (we need lots more of those) in the 2 last years.

We are a Mac-only school and also host the MacWoburn User group meetings. We'll be happy to send a receipt so that you can use this as a charitable tax deduction.

I promise that everything received will be used by the school. Any "extras" will be distributed to the teachers, most of whom don't have home computers. 7th and 8th grade students who don't have computers at home may also receive machines at some point on a loaner basis.

Thanks for any contibutions to the school!

P.A.M. Borys,
Co-Director, St. Charles Tech Committee
Director, MacWoburn User Group
President, Step by Step Training

Read the follow-up article.

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