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10 December 1999 - Dan Knight

The iMac has a lot going for it, but ergonomics issues are not one of its strengths. There's the round mouse which some love, others loathe, and almost everyone grabs sideways now and again. Then there are the cramped arrow keys and Fn keys on the keyboard.

Finally, there's the compact design of the computer itself. Ergonomic specialists are always telling us the menu bar should be at eye level when you're working with your computer. Unless you are far shorter than average or have your iMac on some sort of platform, it's several inches lower than recommended.

Apple partially addresses this with a foot that lets you angle the iMac upward, but that doesn't put the screen at eye level.UniRiser

The Contour UniRiser does just that, at least for users of average height - and it does it with style. The UniRiser adds about 3-1/2" of height to the iMac, moving it to an ideal place for the users I've had try it.

The UniRiser comes in the same kind of frosted plastic as the "ice" part of the iMac, so it complements any iMac regardless of color. The styling is reminiscent of Apple's blue-and-white Studio Displays; if anything, it makes the iMac look even more modern.

There's room under the shelf to slide the keyboard, although you'll have to do that at an angle. You can store the mouse, CDs, an external drive, or other small items on the shelf beneath the iMac.

Best of all, the latest version is designed to work with either the original iMac or the new series, so you don't have to worry about buying the wrong one.

One color. One stand. One question: Do you want your iMac a few inches higher?

If so, the UniRiser is available for just under US$30.

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