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Mac OS X Has More Problems than Vista

Frank Fox - 2008.08.25 - Tip Jar

Mac OS X has more problems than Vista.

We now have proof from an independent third party, Google.

That's right, if you search the terms "problems with windows" versus "problems with mac os x", Windows wins with only 113 million pages of problems to Mac OS X 126 million. That gives Windows about a 10% advantage over Macs.

Mac OS X: 126 million problems

Windows: 113 million problems

Before people start claiming that I am biased or that my search choice was flawed, I want everyone to know that Mac OS X 10.5, (a.k.a. Leopard) is better than Vista. You see. Leopard has only 9,410,000 pages of complaints to 25,400,000 for Vista. Of course Vista has been out longer by several months, but I'd only trim off a few percentage points for that difference.

Leopard: 9.4 million problems,

Vista: 25.4 million problems,

My two take away points for this are the following:

  1. Anyone who wants to reports that problems on a Mac are a big surprise is full of crap. Every computer has problems; you have to decide if the benefits outweigh the problems before you purchase.
  2. Vista has certainly been a magnet for complaints. I don't think we can blame all of this on the "Get a Mac" ads. Microsoft might want to fix a few things before they drop $10 million on Jerry Seinfield ads .

So next time you wonder which operating system is better, just ask Google, the modern oracle of Delphi. LEM

Update: Thanks to all the readers who have commented on the accuracy of these results. You are all correct that the proof is not scientific. I found the search results to be interesting because they contridict expectations, so I decided to share them. I hear that searching for "more evil than satan" used to brings up Microsoft. That's not scientific proof, but it does show what some people were thinking. Try doing your own searches and see if anything interesting pops out.

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