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Apple introduced the Xserve 1U server in May 2002 and discontinued the last model at the end of January 2011. Xserve has always provided lots of power in very little space but never became a big player in the server market. You can buy the latest model with one or two quad-core (8 cores total) 2.8 GHz Intel Xeon CPUs or two quad-core (8 cores total) 3.0 GHz one, and it includes 1 GB of memory, an 80 GB hard drive, a Combo drive, and an unlimited user license for Mac OS X 10.5 Server.

Apple has since introduced a Mac Pro that ships with Mac OS X 10.6 Server. For those on a budget, Apple introduced a Mac mini configured with two 500 GB hard drives and Mac OS X 10.6 Server with a $999 retail price - see our Best Mac mini Deals for recent prices.

If you're buying a second-hand Intel-based Xserve, you can upgrade to OS X 10.6 Server for less than $500.

Earlier Xserves were built around one or two G4 and G5 CPUs. Used equipment usually carries a 90 day warranty and should include an unlimited user version of Mac OS X Server.

Apple has also discontinued the Xserve RAID line of storage devices.


Best Xserve Prices

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Listings note RAM/hard drive size. Every Xserve ships with a 16x dual-layer SuperDrive. Be sure to factor in shipping costs and possible sales tax. Your best value depends on whether you need/want a printer, extra RAM, etc.

Our advice: If you plan on upgrading RAM, do it yourself. And if you plan on installing a larger hard drive, order your Xserve with the least expensive hard drive Apple offers (currenty 250 MB) and do it yourself.

Unless otherwise noted, there is no surcharge for credit card purchases, and shipping is not included. Vendors are listed in alphabetical order. Be sure to visit their sites for full details.

Prices may be limited to quantity on hand. Not responsible for typos. Please email any corrections or additional sources with competitive prices toDan Knight .

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Used and store refurbished units carry a store warranty and are not eligible for AppleCare.

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