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Backing up your Mac is one of the most important things you should do, and it's never been easier than with the Time Machine backup software built into Mac OS X. Time Machine can back up to an external hard drive - or wirelessly to a Time Capsule, which can work with several Macs, giving it an advantage over an attached hard drive in homes and businesses with more than one Mac.

Time Capsule is a networked backup drive designed to work in conjunction with the Time Machine feature of Mac OS X Leopard versions 10.5.2 and later. It includes a high capacity hard drive, 802.11n WiFi with dual-band support, gigabit ethernet, and a single USB 2.0 port. Using ethernet, it can be connected to a cable or DSL modem and up to three ethernet devices, such as computers and printers. 802.11n WiFi not only makes it accessible to Macs with AirPort; it also lets it function as a WiFi router. The USB port lets you connect and share a USB printer or hard drive.

A single Time Capsule can be used to backup multiple Macs (limited only by the drive's storage capacity), which makes it a great option for home and small business networks. And it's a great wireless and ethernet router - it has the same capabilities as Apple's AirPort Extreme Base Station with the addition of a built-in hard drive for backup. (Time Machine can also use a USB 2.0 drive connected to the AirPort Extreme Base Station for backup.)

The 2 TB Time Capsule retails for $299, and the 3 TB for $499 - a stiff premium for 50% more storage space. The current (4th generation) Time Capsule includes simultaneous dual-band support over up to three channels for 450 Mbps bandwidth - assuming your Mac is also equipped for it.

There have been four generations of Time Capsule:

  1. January 2008: 500 GB (MB276), 1 TB (MB277)
  2. March/July 2009: 500 GB (MB764), 1 TB (MB765), 2 TB (MB996)
    Added simultaneous dual-band support, guest networking.
  3. Mid 2010: 1 TB (MC343), 2 TB (MC344)
    Improved antenna for increased bandwidth.
  4. June 2011: 2 TB (MD032), 3 TB (MD033)
    Increased wireless range.

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