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2010 5G iPod shuffle
2010 5G iPod shuffle

Apple looked to the past when it redesigned the iPod shuffle. The 5th generation (5G) model brings back the scrollwheel design introduced in 2007, but in an even smaller package. The big news for those who prefer non-Apple headphones is that with the controls back on the iPod shuffle, you can use any standard headphones with the new model. There is no longer a 4 GB model.

2009 iPod shuffle 3G
3G/4G iPod shuffle

The 4G iPod shuffle, introduced in March 2010, announces the song title and artist using Apple's VoiceOver technology. Except for that, it iPod looks just like the 2009 3G model, which was introduced in September 2009. The 4G iPod shuffle is available in 2 GB and 4 GB capacities.

Because of the breadth of the iPod line, we have separate iPod price trackers for classic iPods, the iPod touch, the nano, and the shuffle.

Sept. 2008 iPod shuffle
2008 iPod shuffle

The 2008 shuffle (above) shipped in gray, blue, green, pink, and red (an Apple Store exclusive). The 2007 shuffle (below) was produced in silver, light blue, light green, light purple, and red.

iPod shuffles
2007 iPod shuffle

We refer to the 2008 shuffles as 2G/08 in our listings to distinguish them from earlier models (1G, 2G/06, and 2G/07). Best value prices factor in ground shipping.

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NOTE: The 1G shuffle cannot connect directly to some USB ports due to overhang. You may need to use a USB extender.

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Free ground shipping. Amazon.com has a wide selection of iPod shuffle accessories. Amazon.com collects sales tax on orders shipped to KS, KY, ND, NY, and WA.


Free ground shipping on almost everything shipped to the lower 48 states.


Free shipping. MacMall collects sales tax on orders shipped to CA, IL, MN, TN, and WI. Add $4.99 to engrave iPod.


Ground shipping may add $7 or more (free on orders over $100).

Small Dog Electronics

$4.99 flat rate shipping.



Computer Trends Canada


"We don't include earbuds with pre-owned iPods because, well, frankly, do you really want to stick someone else's earbuds in your ear?" Ground shipping may add $7 or more. Free ground shipping on orders over $100.

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