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iPod classicApple last updated the iPod classic on Sept. 9, 2009, bumping capacity from 120 GB to 160 GB. While many have anticipated the end of the iPod classic in recent years, Apple continues to sell the high-capacity, disk-based iPod classic. When the cost of 128 GB of flash memory approaches that of the 160 GB drive in the Classic, we may finally see the Classic move away from hard drive storage.

The iPod classic retains the traditional iPod size and and format, and the current model is the thinnest yet. The iPod classic has an improved navigation system compared with older hard drive iPods, and it uses Cover Flow.

iPods aren't just for music, photos, and video; they're also a great way to backup and transport files between computers, especially with the 80-160 GB capacity of the various Classic models.

Because of the breadth of the iPod line, we have separate iPod price trackers for classic iPods, iPod touch, iPod nano, and iPod shuffle.

Apple released a helpful guide, Identifying Different iPod Models, and we've also produced Low End iPod's iPod Guide. In brief:

  • 1G iPods (2001/02) have a scroll wheel that physically turns with buttons surrounding the wheel and a FireWire port up top.
  • 2G iPods (2002) have a touch wheel and a FireWire port up top.
  • 3G iPods (2003/04) have a touch wheel, four buttons, and a dock connector.
  • 4G iPods (2004) have a click wheel and a dock connector.

4G iPods with color displays are listed as color or photo. 5G and 5.5G iPods are video iPods; they are not compatible with iTunes Movie Rentals. Only the iPod classic (a.k.a. 6G iPod) is compatible with rented movies.

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Unless otherwise noted, there is no surcharge for credit card purchases, and shipping is usually (but not always) included. Vendors are listed in alphabetical order.

Factory refurbished items carry an Apple one year warranty and are eligible for AppleCare. Store refurbished items may vary. Prices may be limited to quantity on hand. Not responsible for typos. Please email any corrections or additional sources with competitive prices to Dan Knight .

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Free ground shipping. Amazon.com has a wide selection of iPod classic accessories. Amazon.com collects sales tax on orders shipped to KS, KY, ND, NY, and WA.


B&H offers free ground shipping.


Free shipping on orders over $25.


Free ground shipping. Higher price for engraved iPods. MacMall collects sales tax on orders shipped to CA, IL, MN, TN, an WI.


Free ground shipping.


Free shipping to a nearby Walmart store. Walmart will charge local sales tax.

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