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The iPad 2 comes in black or white

Apple announced the New iPad (note capitalization of New) in March, moving the popular tablet to a high definition Retina Display, adding quad-core graphics, and incorporating 4G LTE networking.

Apple announced the iPad 2 in March 2011, giving the popular tablet a dual-core Apple A5 CPU and two cameras (front and rear) in a thinner, lighter package. The iPad 2 comes in black or white, and the 3G version is available for either AT&T or Verizon 3G networks. The 16 GB iPad 2 remains available as Apple's entry-level model.

Apple announced the iPad in January 2010 in two versions - one with 3G and one without. The "without" version shipped in early April 2010, and the 3G version followed in May.

Apple kept the iPad as an Apple Store exclusive for some time but has now allowed a few other online and retail dealers to carry it as well. If you don't live near an Apple Store, you should be able to see the iPad in your local Best Buy, Target, or Walmart.

The iPad runs iOS and iOS apps. It uses a custom 1 GHz Apple A4, A5, or A5X chip, essentially a modified Cortex A8 CPU with a graphics processor. It is available with 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB of flash memory both with and without 3G or 4G support.

Best New iPad Prices (including shipping)

In many cases, you have to visit the dealer's retail store or place the order via phone, not over the Internet.

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All dealers except Amazon.com (which is more expensive) have the same prices. Low End Mac earns more when you buy from J&R.

Unless otherwise noted, there is no surcharge for credit card purchases, and shipping is often (but not always) included - and sometimes free after a mail-in rebate. Vendors are listed in alphabetical order.

Factory refurbished items carry an Apple one year warranty and are eligible for AppleCare. Store refurbished items may vary. Prices may be limited to quantity on hand. Not responsible for typos.

Buying through some of these links benefits Low End Mac. Buying at these prices benefits you.

New iPads

Due to restrictions imposed by Apple, iPads are not generally available for online sale and must be picked up in the store or ordered via phone. Amazon.com and Buy.com accept online orders. Prices include free ground shipping except as noted.

Amazon.com B&H Buy.com J&R MacMall DISCONTINUED PowerMax
iPad 1
64 GB $507.70 + sh
64 GB 3G $479.99 + sh
iPad 2
16 GB blk
16 GB wht
$399 $424.89 $399 $399 $399 $399
16 GB 3G $529.99 + sh $529 $519 $529 $529 $529
32 GB blk
32 GB wht
$549.99 + sh
$474.95 $582.98 + sh $499
32 GB 3G $610.94 $489.99 $629
64 GB blk
64 GB wht
$579 + sh
$736.95 $489.99 $599
64 GB 3G $645 + sh $569 $549.99 $729
New iPad
16 GB blk
16 GB wht
$520.99 + sh
$499 $499 $499 $499 $499
16 GB 4G b
16 GB 4G w
$628 + sh
$629 $619 $629 $629 $629
32 GB blk
32 GB wht
$599 $599 $599 $599 $599
32 GB 4G b
32 GB 4G w
$728.99 + sh
$729 $699.88 $729 $729 $729
64 GB blk
64 GB wht
$692.95 + sh
$699.95 + sh
$699 $699
$699 $699 $699
64 GB 4G b
64 GB 4G w
$818.99 + sh
$802 + sh
$829 $829 $829 $829 $829

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