The Early Mac Clones

Outbound Laptop and Notebook

Outbound Laptop

Perhaps the best known early portable Maclone came from Outbound in August 1989, just weeks before Apple announced the Portable. The Portable Plus used the same 68000 CPU as the Plus and SE, but runs it at 15 MHz. It had a unique built-in pointing device, the Isopoint Trackbar, that rolled to scroll up and down, moved sideways to scroll right and left. The Trackbar was part of the detachable keyboard. The Outbound required ROMs "borrowed" from a Mac Plus or SE.

To use your desktop computer, you could attach the Outbound to your Mac, giving it access to the pulled ROMs. To attach a SCSI device, you had to buy a $95 adapter.

The Isopoint Trackbar

Still, at $3,995 with a 20 MB hard drive and a 10 pound weight, it was an attractive alternative even after Apple's Portable shipped.

Outbound NotebookIn late 1991, Outbound released a modular notebook computer. This model used faster CPUs (from 20 MHz 68000 to 33 MHz 68030), could handle 2-14 MB of RAM, had a backlit display, supported 20-120 MB IDS drives, worked with high density floppies, and ran off a standard camcorder battery.

Details, Outbound Laptop

Details, Outbound Laptop (also sold as RealTech Travler)

Although available with fast 68030 CPUs, the use of Mac Plus and SE ROMs limited to Outbound Laptop to 4 MB of memory.

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